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They know people who have either been murdered or kidnapped for fleeting political gain.
Fleeting glances conveying warmth cannot sustain the relationship.
Swift scans the skies, constantly observing, always on its toes for that fleeting blast of high-energy light.
Fleeting sea and plant aromas are delightful signs of freshness in a fish.
But no one had empirical proof because gamma-ray bursts are so fleeting and difficult to pinpoint.
These are too fleeting to have lasted that long and are not at all unusual phenomena-A comet.
Read a detailed description of the mayfly's fleeting life cycle.
Unlike the changing season, a glimpse at these fall leaves won't be fleeting.
His photographs capture vivid images of fleeting moments or forms shaped over centuries.
Out of this tableau of darkness have come some fleeting rays of light.
Despite what's suggested by images on the evening news, tornadoes are rare and fleeting.
Aside from a few scattered villages and the plane's fleeting shadow, no human signs are visible.
And that it may sometimes produce fleeting traces of liquid water.
After a rare downpour langurs seek shelter from a fleeting desert waterfall.
No wonder some cultures think selecting a life-long mate based on something so fleeting is folly.
Take a pocket raincoat for cover during sudden, fleeting afternoon rain showers.
We may be the first society in which fame is not fleeting enough.
Pessimism and optimism and bereavement are not fleeting feelings.
When they collide, they explode into dozens of other particles, even more infinitesimal and fleeting.
Outside it is snowing, and a blustery wind whirls fleeting flakes through milky orbs of lamppost light.
Mr g winds up granting humans a fleeting consciousness of his own presence and immortality as a sort of balm to this grief.
He detested the retreat of so much modern poetry into the conjuring of fleeting or trivial experience.
Consequently many employers find it difficult to make more than a fleeting and lukewarm commitment to them.
But the satisfactions of compensation are notoriously fleeting.
But in their understated way the stories captured fleeting moments of loss.
Throughout the book, though, those fascinating little fleeting portraits of extras keep boiling up.
Only then was it recast in less fleeting terms: as a multiple of the wavelength of a particular type of light.
Burning it for transport makes some fleeting sense, but burning it in large scale power plants ought to be outlawed.
Perhaps this is in part a reaction to official efforts to commandeer the nation's history for fleeting political goals.
Which rather suggests any benefit to business might be fleeting.
The power of the financial press, whatever its source, is fleeting.
However, if satisfaction is too pale and fleeting, you won't be motivated to pursue it.
They may aim to conduct their trades in a matter of milliseconds as they try to exploit fleeting anomalies.
The degree of panic, however momentary, however fleeting is chilling.
But there's much about this conversation that's fleeting, incomplete and evasive.
Captivated by the moonlit fish under the water's surface, he often envisioned their fleeting forms as beautiful mermaids.
From a fleeting experience of life at the closest it would ever get to perfect, he extrapolated an entire world.
The impact of those deaths would be fleeting, however, without subtler changes.
Ideas, half-ideas, fleeting notions are bubbling in their minds constantly.
When a building is torn down to make room for a new one, neighboring residents bask in a new but fleeting view from their windows.
Each moment in history is a fleeting time, precious and unique.
The voiceless sounds are articulated noises that break up the stream of voice with fleeting moments of silence.
For neither can a stream stay its course, nor can the fleeting hour.
It is a sort of new and fleeting concept of formation, with the common element as its kernel.
After such fleeting pleasures comes the inexorable judgment, which is of the spirit not of the body.
The human understanding is of its own nature prone to abstractions and gives a substance and reality to things which are fleeting.
Those fleeting, precise figures command a singular fascination.
Don't forget that your popularity could be fleeting and admirers might not be there tomorrow.
The placenta is unique among organs-critical to human life yet fleeting.
For centuries, the fleeting and highly subjective world of feelings was the purview of philosophers.
At those energies, the debris from collisions can contain fleeting particles never before observed by physicists.
The existence of these particles is so fleeting that they are often described as virtual, yet they can have tangible effects.
When he freezes the video, the agents and the television audience can recognize the fleeting grimace of anger and scorn.
They are marked by a fleeting, powerful pulse of gamma rays.
Because it gives them a fleeting sense of adequacy until they are called on or ignored.
Subsequently, the tortoise or some fleeting particle must always have extent to exist in any real sense.
Impressionists tried to capture fleeting effects of light and atmosphere.
They range from fleeting glimpses of bears to close encounters.
Some terminals are listed as using nearby barge fleeting service.
In the spring, the golden-brown hills are coated with a fleeting green, highlighted by bursts of wildflowers colors.
Their characteristic broken or flickering brushwork was particularly effective in capturing the fleeting quality of light.
Fleeting area stays are identified by the drop-off at a fleeting area and the pick-up by another towboat.
Unfortunately, the thrill of victory proved fleeting.
Many who have seen a lion describe the experience as catching a fleeting glimpse of something that is more shadow than reality.
Lifting the lid, he released a fleeting cloud of steam.

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