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Other potential escape routes pose similarly daunting obstacles for those tempted to flee.
Hundreds have clogged narrow back roads as they try to flee to the relative safety of the rebel-held mountains to the south.
Another view is that investors anticipate bad news and flee to safety.
When confronted by predators, elk are likely to flee in a herd, leaving the unwary or weak behind as prime targets.
Whereas all wild animals flee when they can to avoid interaction.
The researchers found that if a snake eats a toad-free diet, it doesn't have any venom-and is more likely to flee than fight.
The bursting of the technology stock market bubble may have prompted many stunned investors to flee that battered sector.
And neither of them are so depressing they make one want to flee academia.
But my point was that the wage differential doesn't mean anything in terms of why people flee from one place to another.
Either that or see strategically important industries flee.
Watching humans flee from dinosaurs might make for exciting cinema, but it is absolutely awful history.
The volcano has experienced some small explosions over the last week that has caused villagers to flee.
Exchanged around the world are flashing red today, commodity prices are tumbling, and the dollar is soaring as traders flee risk.
Although warthogs look fierce, they are actually herbivores who prefer to flee rather than fight.
They leaned into the wind, their necks stiff, prepared to flee.
Barely two days later, he was arrested on a plane trying to flee the country.
Many flee from the pain of trying into whatever distractions are convenient.
Thousands flee to seek survival in the bush or in camps supplied by aid agencies.
Many others have taken advantage of a special five-day holiday to flee the city.
Those intolerant to the energy of molecular motion are advised to flee from the culinary laboratory.
Of nine policemen sent to guard the site late last year, four were murdered and the rest forced to flee.
Hunting is something you do with animals that have a chance to hide or flee.
Emerging-market crises have a nasty habit of spreading as investors flee one country after another.
Not all succeed and some flee to become entrepreneurs.
Thousands were able to flee while the eruption was in progress, and their footprints were pressed into the ash as they went.
The lesson of the past year is that it is still a currency to flee to, not from.
They flee in panic grabbing family members who stubble into the chaotic darkness.
No doubt many of those fresh-faced fighters will be killed or forced to flee in the next few months.
News organizations continue to cut back on staff and bureaus as ad dollars continue to flee newsprint.
Snakes that are able to flee the burrow will do so-into the arms of hunters.
The racket, diesel exhaust, and looming tires had probably made mama bear flee.
Now when they catch wind of humans, they hide or flee.
Cities were paralyzed as millions tried to flee the epidemic.
The snowy cold he knows to flee and every human exigency crackles as he plugs it in: every outlet works but one.
Those who have the means to flee do, and the refugees cause panic in the places to which they've fled.
Posters of killing the vermin and making them flee were part of the overarching metaphor.
Millions of refugees could flee from low-lying lands.
Refugees used to be regarded as people who had to flee their country.
About half the residents were able to flee or hide during the confusion before the uprising was finally put down.
The things they need to do to repay it would cause all the wealth production in the country to flee.
My legs twitched involuntarily, the movement an outward manifestation of an impulse to flee.
She called on the nations of the world to reject any efforts they might make to flee the country.
As they flee, two cars hurtle down a nearby dirt road in the opposite direction-straight at the tornado.
Those creatures that can flee, do as fast as they can.
In both stories the protagonists have to flee, with an angry mob of monstrous creatures hot on their heals.
Governments can calculate the loss of revenues when taxpayers flee.
It's not unusual for investors to flee when stocks fall.
Rebel soldiers guide civilians as they flee from the fighting.
People who live near streams that quickly reach flood levels should be ready to flee at the first signs of a flash flood.
The stunned rock throwers tried to flee, but nine were captured.
Dozens left it too late to flee thinking they could fight the flames and then get away at the last minute.
The suspects failed to yield to the officer and continued to flee.
When disturbed it tends to flee in a series of linear jumps into water.
As officers approached the car the driver made additional attempts to flee, placing the officers in danger.

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