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In fact, it was among the earliest discoveries in the fledgling field of paleoanthropology.
Most advisers continue to give advice to-that is, to teach-fledgling degree-holders as they test their wings.
Fortunately, she didn't mind having a fledgling disciple, and was willing to answer questions.
Audience members, especially fledgling academics, will learn from the respondent's behavior.
One can envision the misunderstandings and awkward situations that this fledgling technology might produce.
Fledgling step toward quantum telecommunications relays.
Most larger moons form from an accretion disk of dust and rocks that swirls around a fledgling planet.
The first peaceful transfer of power in the nation's fledgling democracy may have improved the prospects.
Hooking up with an experienced hawk-watcher is often the best advice for fledgling birders who want to learn identify the raptors.
Fledgling kookaburras generally remain with their parents to help care for the subsequent clutch.
Some fledgling efforts toward this end are now under way.
They round up the capital-from pension funds, wealthy individuals, and universities-needed to underwrite a fledgling company.
And even in cases where the adult birds had left the nests, the fledgling crows would still scold the dangerous humans.
Many demonstrators argued, in effect, that the integrity of the fledgling anarchist experiment must be protected at all costs.
For this to happen, the fledgling startup urgently needs funds to speed up the clinical trials.
The colonel has also tried to prevent the rebels' fledgling administration from selling the oil on its own account.
He says his fledgling business differs little from ranches that offer traditional guided hunts.
None of its political factions and fledgling parties are dominant.
Clearly, however, his fledgling government has at times appeared overwhelmed by events.
Some time after investors take a stake in the fledgling company, a decision is taken to change its management structure.
The creature rapidly fluttered its wings in a desperate attempt to arrest the fall, much as a fledgling bird would.
Civilian politicians in weak and fledgling parliamentary systems come and go.
Traditional cigarette makers have not been involved in the fledgling industry.
To answer this question, it helps to know what the fledgling firm was rebelling against in its early decades.
Its founder hopes the club will add credibility to fledgling e-publishers.
Fledgling bird-watchers searching for the perfect locale to spread their wings don't have to travel far, say birding experts.
His fledgling democracy is not only threatened by terrorism, but is also teetering toward bankruptcy.

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