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He asked the company for permission to take over an unused parking lot to install a full-fledged garden.
At five weeks old they're full-fledged killers, dispatching mice on their own.
Everything from nifty tips on peeling garlic to full-fledged cooking shows are available online.
Within less than a second, however, the shell inflates into a full-fledged airplane with a six-foot wingspan.
And one doesn't have to be a full-fledged psychopath to share some of the psychopath's antisocial propensities.
Inevitably, a leadership industry has sprung up dedicated to the task of producing fully fledged university leaders.
But turning a conditional-admission offer into a full-fledged acceptance doesn't come cheaply for students.
The other major carriers had no choice but to go along, and the industry found itself in the middle of a full-fledged price war.
It may be that the risk of a full-fledged credit crunch was high enough to make this worth doing.
As smart phones have increasingly come to resemble full-fledged computers, these chips have migrated into other areas.
It remains to be seen if this austere pain will prevent a full-fledged wave of defaults, or merely delay that inevitability.
More than a car, it was a full-fledged cultural phenomenon.
But if you want to make a full-fledged movie, a camcorder is still the only way to play.
If you stop talking then little conversations will break out, and then full-fledged laughter and debates.
Some will go for good, becoming full-fledged members of their own wild families.
Such adaptations of brain and body must have taken untold millennia to transform a four-legged reptile into a full-fledged flier.
Now that they've fledged, the closures have been lifted.
As is usually the case in science and technology, the journey from the idea to its full-fledged exploitation is long and arduous.
They acknowledge that the mathematics of loop space is beautiful but wonder when some full-fledged physics is going to get done.
That's a good example of climate integralism, where even a slight disagreement is interpreted as fully-fledged apostasy.
The eaglets' feathers and wing muscles are developed enough for flight, but they haven't fully fledged the nest yet.
Once a marketing gimmick, free has emerged as a full-fledged economy.
Technically, the world's first fully fledged open-source virtual currency is a marvel.
For the process to work reliably, however, it will be necessary to persuade the primordium to develop into a full-fledged tooth.
If that's the case, the employment problem will worsen and the nation could plunge into a full fledged depression.
For local governments a fully fledged property tax would provide a stable source of revenue.
It is in the second and newest volume that one enters a realm of fully-fledged absurdity.
If a fully-fledged product does emerge from this paper, it will present an interesting experiment in the market.
During this period there were no full-fledged financial crises.
Now it's a full-fledged restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Before you become a full-fledged ranger, you'll also have to work for two to five years as a part-time ranger.
Pets are often full-fledged family members, so any family emergency plan must include them to be truly complete.
Productivity is measured as the number of chicks fledged per breeding pair.
These protected areas offer refuge from human disturbance for nesting terns and recently fledged chicks.
If owls are nesting, the site must be avoided until the chicks have fledged or it is determined that the nest has failed.
Blaine is already a full-fledged member of the office.
And you don't even have to be a full-fledged bat to appreciate them, especially when some are found on the edge of the city.

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