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He fled with his captive behind a hastily built barricade where an indignant crowd gathered and trapped the two inside.
Much of the sea life that would normally inhabit the area has perished or fled.
Many locals fled from the guerrilla fighters, abandoning farms and leaving the area with little farming expertise.
Many had been looted, and the doctors and nurses had fled.
More than four million have been forced from their homes or have fled the country as refugees.
She receives threats regularly, has already fled the country once, and once found the lock to her house forced open.
They boarded up houses in which plague appeared and fled to the countryside.
But when the creatures were presented with the larger disks, some urchins fled while others moved closer.
For many, that turned out to be everything they didn't take with them when they fled.
Their slums are filled with desperately poor people who have fled worse poverty in the countryside.
They of the town, being not above nine households, presently fled away and abandoned the town.
Most of the city's one million citizens have fled to refugee camps.
The haute couture presentations fled the staid salons and leapt onto kinetic runways.
The wounded animal fled into the park-and they took its tusks because they were rightfully theirs.
They came out of a sense of duty, in search of a paycheck, or hoping to reclaim a homeland they had fled decades earlier.
After securing the money from the vault, the robbers fled.
The thugs then fled, taking with them a couple of hundred dollars' worth of cash, jewelry and cellphones.
The pirates fled in the ship's lifeboat with the captain.
Each of his eight children, four of whom have fled to neighbouring countries, is nasty in his-or her-own way.
Migrants who fled oppressive governments, for example, can hardly be expected to bankroll the regimes that drove them away.
But that would require more skilled foreigners to move to a country whose own engineers and doctors have fled in droves.
Professionals who fled the country in tens of thousands have yet to return.
Then, as neighbors peered out from above, the killer fled.
The suspect fled prior to the arrival of the police.
The employees began taking jewelry out of display cases and the suspect fled the store with trays of jewelry.
The suspect then fled out the store and fled on foot.
The suspect again gestured that he had a gun but he was unsuccessful and fled the store without any cash.
As they fled, many were killed and wounded by artillery fire.
After obtaining an undisclosed amount of cash, the subject fled the area of the bank.
After receiving the cash, the robber fled from the bank on foot.
The suspect fled with an undisclosed amount of cash.
After robbing the bank they fled from the location with an unknown amount of currency.
When their vehicle broke down in the bank parking lot, they fled eastbound on foot into a residential neighborhood.
He produced a knife while demanding money and fled with the register proceeds.
The suspect then fled the bank on foot with an undisclosed amount of money.
Upon obtaining her property, the subject fondled her breasts and buttocks and fled on foot.
She pushed the suspect away and he grabbed her jewelry and fled.
The suspect then fled on foot in an unknown direction.
He fled on foot and escaped while the police were responding to the bank.
He was seen by witnesses entering a compact-sized automobile that was parked nearby, in which he fled the area.

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