flea market in a sentence

Example sentences for flea market

The stolen bikes were then sold at a local flea market.
We bought an amazingly cool old kitchen sink at a flea market and refinished it.
It has the serendipitous charm of a flea market, but the quality of a high-end boutique.
We met in an empty parking lot, next to a flea market.
Pie-Dog has worked as a flea market vendor for three decades.
If you arrive on a weekend, be sure to check out the flea market that pops up in a large parking lot nearby.
Take him to a festival or flea market where there are tons of people everywhere.
Today they have all the panache of a playground flea market.
The event includes an antique flea market, a street carnival, live entertainment and free family activities.
Special rates are available for flea market vendors.
Community bingo games, dances and the occasional flea market swap sale are held.
The rental charges for space within the flea market are not subject to sales tax.
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