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To the right, a wall of books and filing cabinets rises up behind a haphazard collection of flea-market chairs.
We met in an empty parking lot, next to a flea market.
Many bricks-and-mortar bookshops still make a good living, as do flea markets.
The stolen bikes were then sold at a local flea market.
Not only that, which was bad enough, but my dog also had some kind of allergic reaction to the flea bites.
In flea time it seemed hardly possible that a dog of his size could sustain his population.
Cats actually attract rodents to your home, with their whole slew of flea-borne and other diseases.
Social grooming doesn't prevent mosquito bites, and it can only lessen but not eliminate flea bites.
Rather, a large portion of them are switched on or off with changes in the flea's environment.
Flea killers can be used, but a great idea is the use of a small vacuum cleaner to tidy up animal's coats.
In the world of quantum physics, thanks to the uncertainty principle, a flea can indeed throw a bowling ball to another flea.
She added color with bright accessories flea-market finds.
Except for a mix of items found while traveling and trolling flea markets, the living room is uncluttered.
It has the serendipitous charm of a flea market, but the quality of a high-end boutique.
They wear flea collars around their waists and combat knives in the webbing of their body armor.
Small animals such as the spiny water flea can travel unnoticed by hopping onto a kayak or other recreational equipment.
They put themselves on a strict budget, clipping coupons and shopping at flea markets.
When a water flea or some other small creature swims past, it bends trigger hairs on the bladder, causing a flap to open.
Take him to a festival or flea market where there are tons of people everywhere.
People can get the plague when they are bitten by a flea that carries the plague bacteria from an infected rodent.
High-speed video of a flea's incredible jump shows how the power comes from their toes.
All societies say a human life is worth more than a flea's life.
Add the humble water flea, a freshwater relative of shrimp, to the list of creature with their genes mapped.
The surrounding area has a seemingly endless number of shopping havens, including outlet malls, indoor malls and flea markets.
Flea beetles, and leaf beetles as a whole, are morphologically poorly known.

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