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Cooper's remarkable life transcended his humble origins as a nearly illiterate wheelwright and his flamboyantly flawed ethics.
Even now they are not safe, for despite their elegant history and their acrobatic grace, they are flawed creatures.
It depicts a flawed character who seems all the more brave and humane for his ambition and insecurity, virtue and fraud.
The skeptics were not happy and immediately claimed that the study was flawed.
The sinking city faces rising seas and stronger hurricanes, protected only by dwindling wetlands and flawed levees.
We are reminded every day that our communication is flawed.
Environmentalism's method of handling global warming is flawed.
If by some miracle projects are eventually built, they usually are seriously flawed.
It was a profoundly unjust use of government power against an individual-a case flawed in both conception and execution.
Many people who have had access to its pages consider it a flawed masterpiece.
And this is what the new gadgets aspire to as well, flawed as they can sometimes be.
It is legally flawed, economically dangerous and unnecessary.
But the chance of achieving even these modest aims is being jeopardised by too few troops and a flawed strategy.
Modern finance is flawed, unstable and prone to excess.
Protests that the evidence against him was flawed proved fruitless.
Some there see it as a flawed paradigm of human rights, free elections and the rule of law.
The model is not inherently flawed, but it is only a part of the answer to establishing a sustainable economy.
But it is now clear that the original plan was flawed.
The engine is a little noisy, handling is secure but lacks agility, and the driving position is flawed.
Few have flawed academic records or felony convictions.
The lesson is that even within a flawed system he could and should have chosen better.
Even a flawed game can provide an opportunity for learning and discussion.
So, yeah, we're all flawed and we're not using the technology correctly.
Among other problems, the appeals court said jury selection and expert testimony in the trial had been flawed.
The conventional responses are fundamentally flawed.
But the invasion proved to be a debacle wrapped in a debacle, almost criminally flawed in its planning and execution.
The main question of her post, though, seems more seriously flawed.
It is at best an over-generalization from an admittedly flawed study.
The nugget of the argument here is the framing fighting climate change as a way to help nature is flawed.
Whatever our loose or flawed sense of geography tells us, things have always been thus.
But if you have a flawed policy, it may influence it.
Instead, they failed due to flawed business and strategy decisions that had built up over decades.
But much of the interview is flawed in similar ways.
Most of those mortgages based on wacky new products or provided to borrowers with flawed credit backgrounds began going bad.
Part of the reason is the flawed understanding many journalists have of objectivity.
That's what journalists are supposed to do when prominent, influential people advance flawed ideas.
As a result, the experience of disconnection left us both feeling more deeply flawed and ashamed.
But such studies, though flawed, still can be useful as starting points for serious discussion about issues.
If revenue isn't growing by leaps and bounds from year to year, then the whole five- to seven-year strategy begins to seem flawed.
The design of these buildings may well have been flawed.
The earliest indicator yet of autism may be the presence of flawed cells in the placenta, scientists have discovered.
People unable to feel guilt are deemed psychopathic, ie they are neurologically flawed.
And the inability to re-create any of the steps would demonstrate the theory as fundamentally flawed.
One mathematician now concludes that its predominant design is fundamentally flawed.
One can't talk of flawed models only on that ground, because it has only to do with measure.
Ideas such as this are always interesting and always flawed, so one must always keep healthy skepticism handy.
But today's technology is much improved from earlier, flawed approaches.
Other information sources are suffering yet this flawed source is being supported.
Some climate scientists have therefore argued that global warming models are flawed.
Research consistently confirms that the flawed permission slips do not improve the patient's understanding or safety.
Of course not-they are what they are, and it is portfolio theory that is flawed.
The author used flawed methodology and had an agenda he wanted to advance.
According to the company, the flawed version of its product was available for less than two hours before it was patched.
One of biological computing's biggest challenges is calculating with elements that are flawed, unreliable and decentralized.
Same flawed logic was used to say cigarettes do not cause cancer.
Gallium nitride had long been written off as fatally flawed.
It is unfortunate that this topic of debate is so frequently dismissed with flawed schoolboy arguments.
These fools do anything to defend their fundamentally flawed theories.
However this line of thinking is deeply flawed for anyone who has studied basic logic.
ID really is nothing more than a set of deeply-flawed attacks on evolutionary theory.
The explanation that compression causes the heating is flawed.
The idea that violent and criminal people are biologically flawed has a long history, he says.
So, our resource-allocation mechanisms must be fundamentally flawed.
The principle behind the adversarial trial system is dangerously flawed.
The idea that all enhancements are relatively equal is flawed.
Bottom line, their prediction system was too flawed to be useful.
So the allegations against him are flawed because they are against him.
Its critics insist this is because its equipment is too insensitive and its testing methods are hopelessly flawed.
But no amount of tinkering could fix the flawed film.
He was a perfectionist who kept a file of correspondence with businesses he dealt with whose products were flawed.
Unfortunately, the results of that study are too flawed to be of much use.
The internal report this produced was deeply flawed.
The first is his uncritical acceptance of the book's deeply flawed methodology.
It is easy to demonstrate that the details of the story are technically flawed.
The failures in this book are not limited to its flawed and biased research.
They are flawed, certainly, and on occasion simply impenetrable.
The judiciary is controlled by the executive, and the flawed laws that exist are selectively enforced.
There are, after all, many experimental observations that are flawed for one reason or another and ought to be discounted.
And now that the ardor of victory has begun to cool, some will see how it is flawed.
But his defense of his play is as flawed as the play itself.
There is no reason to idealize them as anything more than brilliant, dedicated, flawed human doctors.
There's no escaping the fact that this was a flawed piece of journalism.

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