flavoring in a sentence

Example sentences for flavoring

The evaporated aromatics can then be captured and added back to liquor as flavoring.
She now thinks it more likely means cardamom, which was a common flavoring in food and drink.
It is essentially grain alcohol cut with water and an added flavoring agent.
Butter flavoring is mixed with oils and other ingredients and added to the bag during microwave popcorn production.
Flavoring ingredients may be added after pasteurization or ultra-pasteurization.
The main flavoring ingredient will come as a delightful surprise and remind the recipients of summer.
Add sugar and flavoring and beat until of right consistency to spread.
When thoroughly mixed add whites of eggs beaten until stiff, and flavoring.
Not only are the plants a beautiful addition inside or outside the house, but they're unparalleled for flavoring foods.
It's usually used as a flavoring in desserts, and is justifiably popular as a variety of ice cream.
The tangy flavoring hits you with its smoldering intensity before yielding to the meat's slow-cooked moistness.
Sea salt is a mineral that has been used as a flavoring and preservative since ancient times.
They drank hair tonic, flavoring extracts and patent medicine.
The bees in one container were flavored with soy sauce and the bees in the other container had no flavoring.
All that smoky fat melts into the meat, flavoring the outside layer with richness.
Mixing an additive for flavoring popcorn and candy almost seems innocuous.
It is a fat and flour base used as a thickener and flavoring for many recipes.
Also useful for flavoring dishes, soy sauce does not spoil as long as it is kept in a sealed container.
Some dishes are specific to one region, and flavoring techniques may change from country to country.
Menthol is used as a flavoring agent for candy and other products.
While companies say they add caffeine as a flavoring, the chemical is a mildly addictive stimulant drug.
Toss all cooked, diced ingredients with the optional binder and any flavoring ingredients.
But we've heard of another great reason to enjoy this flavoring and tenderizing technique.
They put so many extras on their hot dog that basically it was a salad on a bun with a hot dog thrown in for flavoring.
Symptoms of flavoring-related lung disease include ongoing cough and shortness of breath.
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