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White mushrooms are mildly flavored, are tasty when eaten raw but even more flavorful when cooked.
Many roasters dressed up less impressive and flavorful coffees with fancy names.
The rabbit reminded the author of chicken, but more flavorful and tender.
The slow-cooked meal was designed to stretch low-quality cuts of meat and make them more flavorful.
Most eaters mistrust mealy tomatoes, even if they are flavorful.
The ubiquitous brown ale is about as flavorful as water.
Both of these permanent filters allow the flavorful oils and minute sediment into the cup to preserve the flavor.
Knackebrod is much heartier than rye crisp and more flavorful.
The basil is huge and flavorful, the onion is a bit spicy.
As long as the pizza looks good and is flavorful they will eat it.
The homegrown tomato is the essence of flavorful summer cuisine.
It's a bit more expensive but yields more tender and flavorful meat.
The crust was crisp, flavorful and a bit more dense than traditional wheat, with lots of mushrooms and cheese.
The dressing is yogurt-based, and the salad is packed with flavorful herbs.
It is a more flavorful approach than ordinary steaming and less restrictive than cooking in a hermetically sealed pot.
These stuffed tomatoes can be made more flavorful with additional anchovies.
Put them in a freezer zip loc bag and keep in the freezer until you want to make shrimp bisque or a flavorful sauce.
Rhizomes are knobby underground stems that are known for their pungent and flavorful flesh.
The meals must be of high quality and offer a wide variety of healthy, nutritious and flavorful food options.
It should help ensure a steady mid-summer supply of big, flavorful berries that ship well.
Food cooked to a safe internal temperature is juicy and flavorful.
The public was invited to enjoy tasting the flavorful results.
Durum flour makes a more flavorful bread with a slightly nutty taste.
The dough is usually chilled now so it can be rolled out with less flour, making more tender, flavorful cookies.
Get your sweet fix from naturally sweet fruits or flavorful spices.
Wild blueberries are smaller than commercial varieties, but many people find them more flavorful.
Produce purchased locally was probably picked within the past day or two and provides crispy, sweet and flavorful food.

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