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Example sentences for flaunt

Don't flaunt expensive jewelry or gear or wear revealing clothing.
Weight loss programs flaunt the purported benefits of avoiding gluten.
If it's a fake, the well-heeled sneer, you can't flaunt it.
Conscious, deliberate affectation as a means to flaunt.
They ensure that every small-town dandy can flaunt the finest threads.
If greed is something you have to hide rather than flaunt, it loses much of its social value.
The way they persuade people to drive an average of almost an hour to shop there is to flaunt as many designer brands as possible.
Faced with absurd laws, it seemed cool to flaunt them.
When all the current turmoil will be behind, then it will be time to flaunt all the political ideologies in the people face again.
So the itch to flaunt something, in the face of all this treasure and colonnade, is a time-honored one.
Even if you've got it, don't flaunt it on the gym floor or in the locker room.
Don't flaunt your cash, expensive jewelry, phone or laptop when you're walking in the city or on the subway or bus.
Along the way, they flaunt wild hairdos and flamboyant hooker chic.
Fake or real, body armor exerts a pull on those inclined to flaunt it as a fashion statement.
Though he had this muscular body, he didn't really flaunt it.
Moreover, they were not ashamed to flaunt their wealth in ways that could allow ego to blend with civic pride.
The real losers are those who flaunt pro sports gear.
True to form, she immediately took me on a tour of the place, no doubt eager to flaunt my new credentials.
Humans, on the other hand, seem to flaunt this rule.
They are looking for people who have something different on their resume, so flaunt it.
It was not his intention to flaunt the seat belt rule.
In the spring season, seeds flaunt their vitality and energy by sprouting.

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