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Do flatter and compliment your date on the way they look and the things they wear.
While a single fund's track record is clear enough, hedge fund index returns still flatter the average fund in the industry.
If you flatter your committee with the acknowledgements, maybe you will earn one less lashing in the defense.
The buttons have a flatter look, without shading that made them look round.
Simple appeals to the better angels of our nature flatter the appealer, but they tend not to change the world all by themselves.
It's face, for example, is flatter than other known australopithecines.
The marble-in-a-cage valve took up a lot of space, pressing on other body parts, so valve-makers sought a flatter design.
Sound is flatter and more trebly than comparably priced models.
Part of the reason is pricier petrol, but flatter house prices will also dampen the spending enthusiasm.
The forest canopy is now far above our heads, and the going is more open, flatter.
And that's perfectly appropriate because the computers themselves are getting smaller, cheaper, thinner and flatter.
Flatter prices may encourage homeowners to rein in their spending.
Some had developed flatter bodies to avoid being pulled by the current, for example.
For the downhill, it's crucial that the ski runs freely, especially on flatter sections.
For flatter cookies, pat batter down with back of spoon.
The prime motive is usually to raise money to reduce debts and to flatter profits.
In the flatter areas, elevation doesn't change as much.
Almost any combination of summer fruit will flatter this delicate and satisfying dessert.
The canopy is now far above our heads, the going more open, flatter.
Everyone knows about flatter organizations and virtual corporations.
Dried vegetables and fruits also add depth to any situation and flatter whatever they are mixed with.
Again, this could be a device to flatter future results.
Consumption taxes are better than income taxes, and flatter rates are better than steeply progressive ones.
He would give taxpayers the option of switching to a simpler, flatter tax code.
Managers and promoters come up and flatter him, cajole him into working for them, but at last he escapes again.
One reason for this acceleration is that company hierarchies are flatter than they used to be.
The flatter the world gets, and the faster communication gets, the more location matters.
It has denied allegations that it tried to flatter its accounts.
If you weighted each state with their population, the curve gets flatter to the point of being insignificant.
But there may be no need for new hotel rooms for some time, and growth is likely to be flatter than in the past.
The clothes seemed honestly designed to flatter the wearer and not demand too much of her.
The tailors design each suit to flatter the matador's figure.
Small, specialized firms are turning out limited edition, tailor-made potions to flatter their clientele's sense of individuality.
He got inside the heads of players, imbued in them the belief that to win ugly is better than to flatter and lose.
Invite them to speak at the workshops, and flatter them intensely, and ask them to name the best journals in your subfield.
It's flatter and more slender than those of other bears, all the better for thrusting into the dens and breathing holes of seals.
That, coupled with the effect of the heatsink material would create a much flatter temperature gradient in the circuit.
Nothing is flatter than laughter that is lacking in mirth.
Bulldozers made rice paddies squarer and flatter, which let farmers use combine harvesters, increasing productivity.
They flatter and entreat, and it is engaging, even addictive.
The slope will be flatter since the excavation is deeper and into softer clay.
Stepped spillway research for these flatter applications is limited, and design guidelines are scarce.

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