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Example sentences for flashing

The first thing she noticed was an unmistakable scream of yellow flashing back to her from inside the tubes.
Builders stabilized the tower and added flashing to make it waterproof.
Cadmium being a heavy metal probably should have already had a warning flashing- but other things.
But one of the company took up the gleaming sword and looked at it with flashing eyes.
Yes, the holidays bring millions of chopped-down trees and megawatts of flashing lights.
At times it looked as if an enormous light was flashing overhead.
Exchanged around the world are flashing red today, commodity prices are tumbling, and the dollar is soaring as traders flee risk.
Warning horns were sounding, warning lights were flashing-low oil pressure on the left engine, and then on the right.
Time, it feels, is now flashing by at a speed well outside my control.
The former governor tends to dive right in, flashing a grin, shaking hands and waving above the cameras into the distance.
Smartly, the status light has been moved to the interior of the headset, so no more flashing signals by your ear.
The electronic maps flashing around him didn't do anything to ease the stress of the moment.
Queried about the flashbacks, they responded by flashing forward and even sideways into a parallel world.
That's somewhat of a big flashing light that things have changed since the site went up.
The truck cab features three more sound effects and flashing lights.
Its computer sequences exist in a blue-gray scheme filled with flashing lights, speeding objects and dizzying motion.
The word divorce not only became a part of my vocabulary, it became the big neon sign flashing in my face.
And it was that flashing sign that landed us in marriage counseling.
The candidate appears in close-up at the end of the commercial, flashing a grin that's two parts demented to one part demonic.
They took off in three squad cars, their lights flashing.
We're in the middle of the dining room, so the flashing distracts us as well.
The progress of his flight is charted by a flashing dot on a map of the hemisphere.
Ask for a room with a flashing alarm if you are deaf.
Here are answers to some common questions about flashing crosswalks.
The flashing yellow arrow eliminates the yellow trap.
Flashing beacons are generally well understood by drivers.
In his generation, he was used to incandescent flashing beacons.

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