flash photography in a sentence

Example sentences for flash photography

Do not use flash photography or shine light directly on owls when they are roosting, flying, or capturing prey.
If you go to the theater, they ask you to not use flash photography, because it distracts.
In standard flash photography a burst of light strikes a subject, and some of it bounces back to the camera to create an image.
No flash photography is permitted in the hearing room.
Flash photography is prohibited once the hearing or markup has begun.
Flash photography and human disturbance may prevent her from nesting successfully.
Flash photography is not allowed inside the buildings.
No flash photography is permitted in the hearing room, however non-flash photography is permitted.
Do not shine lights on a sea turtle or take flash photography.
Flash photography may be permitted under key restrictions.
Members of the public may bring cameras into the hearing room, but only non-flash photography is permitted.
Do not take flash photography of a nesting sea turtle or hatchling.
No flash photography is allowed in the exhibit galleries.
No flash photography or flashlights are allowed on this trip.
Flash photography is welcome, however for safety reasons, no tripods please.
Flash photography is allowed but no backpacks or tripods please.
No flash photography is permitted in exhibit spaces.
Flash photography is not permitted in the hearing room.
No flash photography or individual videography will be allowed during the presentation.
Artificial lights, flash photography, and campfires disorient nesting turtles and attract hatchlings into dangerous situations.
Flash photography was not used to ensure that the luminescence would not be washed out on the photographs.
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