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The four columns speedily got into position with flares and bugles at the head of each.
Heat from solar flares or a rocket engine's exhaust could evaporate the fuel or cause the tanks to expand and even explode.
If the economy falls flat and public discontent with her left-leaning populist government flares, her fate will be sealed.
After all, violent confrontation between the two nuclear powers flares repeatedly.
Nonetheless, flares of sickening violence are making people wonder how prolific this mad, bad minority must be.
Along the way the astronauts would be bombarded by cosmic radiation and risk being baked by unpredictable solar flares.
Panic about children's safety flares up regularly, usually with little relation to overall trends.
It flares up when there's a shooting, and then people forget about it again.
On the drum-roll, the processors pause, and golden flares explode either side of the statue.
The chance of political violence in never vanishingly small, it flares up out of nowhere and does so frequently, if not regularly.
Now and again, his temper flares as he fiddles with something in the kitchen, or grouses at a dog to get out of his way.
Three of them were the biggest flares ever recorded.
For this reason, researchers traveling outside the base need flares, rifles and good shooting training.
The variations in such emissions could arise from particular events that generate stronger flares, the researchers speculate.
The sun frequently emits bursts of matter and energy called flares, which are triggered by a star's natural magnetic turbulence.
It is responsible for solar flares, tremendous solar explosions that can be a billion times more powerful than an atomic bomb.
It subsides and flares up, often before bed or when changing clothes.
The left hand print was modified into the form of a human head wearing a headdress and ear flares.
What pressure the government exerts now is directed mostly at halting gas flares.
It may come back from time to time and cause symptoms, or flares.
Symptom relapses, or flares, occur on the average of two or three times a year.
The link between stress and flares of psoriasis is not well understood, however.
Arthritic and skin flares and remissions tend to coincide.
Most of us speed past refineries, with their steel towers and scary flares, never stopping to consider what goes on inside.
Details of the science of what you're seeing are expounded upon in a previous post on solar flares.
But the flares don't have to be so powerful to generate ethereal, magnificent beauty.
In some cases, hundreds of astrocytes may flare up at once, and the flares can last as long as several seconds.
They expected to see isolated flares of activity in simple language-processing regions.
Gamma-ray bursts are intense flares of high-energy radiation that appear without warning from across the cosmos.
It addressed how different life forms had evolved the means to hide from the sun during flares.
Numerous flares are dropped, for example, and often military aircraft engage in unusual maneuvers.
We do not have anything that matches such a description, yet people still say it was only flares.
Extreme caution must be exercised when lighting flares.
Overview of air permitting requirements and options for new flares and vapor combustor operations.
Some large flares are accompanied by strong solar radio bursts that may interfere with satellite downlinks.
Gout may remit for long periods, followed by flares for days to weeks, or can become chronic.
Road emergency flares depend upon the burning of magnesium and/or aluminum with an oxidant pre-mixed in the flare itself.
These flares may be a challenge to spot, though, because of the unpredictable viewing geometry.
These dramatic flares can briefly outshine entire galaxies, but their brilliance quickly fades.
The sunspots have continued to let loose smaller flares and may still be active now.
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