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Recently, on a discipline-specific listserv, tempers flared and egos were bruised.
Behind them the sky was pale again and the sun flared.
Gas and dust surrounding the exploding star flared with light each time a jet struck it.
Biogas is a byproduct of the sewage treatment process and until now it has been routinely flared off at treatment plants.
Once in place and winched down, the sleeve is drawn shut around a heated suction tubes and gases flared off.
And it was the eyes that sometimes flared against the words.
The culture wars, smoldering quietly since the sixties, had flared up again.
Given the acute limitations of the critical methods employed, disagreements have flared over thousands of specific details.
Old poets, and some new, flared brightly for a time in instantly published anthologies or on ever more muscular blogs.
But there's also a lot of natural gas, and it's being flared, burned off.
The revolution flared up again without many people noticing.
The fixed-blade version is new, and comes with a stiff nylon sheath whose flared opening is both ergonomic and cool-looking.
The contact surface of the flared urethane wheels can expand as needed for better grip.
Their companies were loosely but indisputably aligned, despite the feuds that flared sporadically between their employees.
He has a handsome, darkly tanned face, and favors designer suits with flared-collar shirts and no tie.
Return in thought to the concert where music flared.
The only things dated are the fashions it describes-the wide collars, flared pants, and jangling gold chains.
Half the length of a thigh flared in the intimate green glow.
As the academic year started, student protests flared.
Yet there was a hypnotic liveliness to her, moments when the embers of flirtatiousness flared.
Eighteen days after the supernova flared into view, astronomers were still watching.
Raids and killings poisoned chances for a peaceful resolution, and full-scale war soon flared.
Chatter around the campfire was spirited and would only stop to listen for new sounds, after which discussion flared up again.
Brush fires--to change metaphors--have flared on every continent.
It's also possible the tendril flared out, separating into streams that only appear to entwine the smaller galaxy.
They flared for reasons which illustrate how localised these things have become, how worn the overarching narrative.
But this month, violence again flared across the country.
The long-standing anger over prices has flared repeatedly.
Protests, some of them violent, flared across the country.
Exports and industry were weak while the housing market has flared up again.
Violence has flared up again in various parts of the country.
If the procedure narrows flared nostrils, there may be small scars at the base of the nose that are not usually visible.
The left knee flared last month and forced him to sit out three games.
Bomb squad officers trying to inspect a backpack left behind had to flee when the fire flared.
And he attributed the latter to tendinitis in his legs that has flared intermittently since his high school days.
Get ready to bid farewell to those super-low waistlines, distinctly flared legs and flashy denim washes.
It was then that tempers flared among writers and resentment deepened against producers and studio executives.
The fiery glow of exploding shells and rockets flared across the night sky, illuminating the ghostly city.
Fighting in the area had flared up in the past days.
Flared end sections are either concrete or metal as required.

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