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If you don't already have flare leg dress pants, then go for the skirt.
Nor has it known how to tackle problems as they flare up.
It is the largest solar flare so far from this solar cycle based on x-ray irradiance magnitude.
There hasn't been a significant solar flare in the last two years.
But in others, the virus can flare up again after treatment ends, sometimes causing rapid liver damage.
The landscape is the true beauty, but a subtle artistic flare to the pylons will enhance the background.
What they've seen is that higher-energy gamma rays from an extragalactic flare.
The walls swoop in tight, then flare out, the rock seeming to flow.
Later in the mission, the best bet for catching a flare is when the sail is near the horizon.
It can occur in one joint, move from one to another, or flare erratically.
And tempers flare as talk turns to abandoning parts of the city for good.
Shell said in the process of the closure a larger flare would be visible.
Society called them insignificant because they were small and had only one-millionth as much energy as a solar flare.
Then suddenly two bright circles of light flare out.
It makes quite the impression on the newly initiated, as flames flare from the box.
Gang disputes can flare from almost trivial incidents.
But if history is any guide the controversy is sure to flare up again once cloud computing really takes off.
The world can not afford to leave the hotspot to flare up again.
When compatriot lives are at stake, tempers flare fast.
Luckily, they were able to scare the bear away with a flare gun.
The motor was identified as a naval flare rocket motor.
Certain hormonal medications and endocrine disorders can also cause acne to flare up.
It is difficult to plan things with his illness as it can flare anytime.
But in only one sequence, an anti-Fascist theatre riot, does the picture flare to life.
For one, no turbulence means that my acute motion sickness doesn't flare up.
Yet he is not a mere exaggerator, one of the popular demoniacs who work as if in the flare and roar of a boiler-factory.
We've always known that he's had a flare for the dramatic.
Spotting such a flare-up is the job of regional public-health offices that monitor reports of unusual symptoms from doctors.
With a flare of ink in the capital city, rights were taken and given away.
Dozens of witnesses reported having seen an ascending flare that culminated in an explosion.
At first glance one would think it could be a plane going down, a military flare or missile exercise.
When those pustules burst, millions of spores flare out in search of fresh hosts.
Some regularly fade away, then suddenly flare up again with undiminished brilliance.
The idea is eventually to be able to predict these flare-ups, which interfere with satellites and endanger astronauts.
Solar flare activity stopped cold and weeks and months went by without any sunspots, or areas of intense magnetism.
The goal is to identify and avoid possible triggers, and thus reduce flare-ups.
There may be symptom-free periods and acute flare ups.
Patients may have acute flare-ups with alternating symptom-free periods.

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