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Example sentences for flaps

Tape together the box-top flaps, then cut along three sides of the top so that a hinged lid remains.
Elephants may look alike to you and me, but the shapes of their ear flaps and their tusks set them apart.
Laundry flaps from clotheslines and paint peels in trackside neighborhoods.
Rather than being heavier than water, the flaps are buoyant.
The surgeon cuts the skin, then lifts up small flaps in the web and at the sides of the fingers or toes.
The leaflets are flaps that open and close the valve.
Valves are muscular flaps that open and close so blood will flow in the right direction.
Large figures with wrinkled gray skin, unfamiliar flaps, impertinent hairs and heavy limbs.
But because of the loss of all hydraulics, the crew could not control the wing flaps to reduce airspeed effectively.
The illustration actually wraps all the way around the cover and onto the jacket flaps.
Landing on her feet, she flaps her arms and nearly falls on her face.
In a time span best measured in a hummingbird's wing-flaps, a page of links appears.
The bird rears back, flaps its wings, and flies off.
Flaps of skin connecting limbs to body provide a winglike surface.
Some grew special skin flaps that let them glide through the air.
It has flaps of skin that stretch along the sides of its body.
As it spins, the manta uses flaps on the side of its head to scoop plankton and water toward its mouth.
Durable covers stand up to outdoor use, with integrated quick-reference flaps that double as place-markers.
It dances with springing leaps and flaps of its mighty wings to win a mate.
They are also distinguishable by a row of skin flaps along their arms and legs, which resembles a serrated knife.
Golden sunshine on his face, he flaps and spins his hands with absorption.
Then use the flaps, etc on the wing and you have plenty of redundant control at little weight, complexity.
Together they provide a framework for the vocal folds, flaps of mucous membrane attached to muscles either side of the larynx.
They position the flaps on modern airliners and modulate the power in your car's antilock braking system.
Complicated servos and flaps shift in and out, up and down.
Each trailer should be outfitted with rear-wheel flaps that prevent the back tires from splashing debris into following cars.
All commercial trailers must have mud flaps on the rear wheels.
If in a tent, try and set up in a shady spot and leave the flaps open when the weather permits.
Wear a wool or synthetic cap with flaps for your ears and forehead, and wrap a warm scarf around your neck.
Wind flaps must shield zippers and snug cuffs at wrists and ankles.
Examination of the main wreckage showed the landing gear was extended and the flaps were retracted.
Fold the top and bottom wrapping that is remaining into two triangular shaped flaps.
Some lizards spread elongated ribs covered in flaps of skin.
Fold back base flaps in order to allow the icon to stand upright.
In the push to improve efficiency, wing flaps are now operated with lightweight electrical systems instead of hydraulics.
Aircraft had to land on the inland runway in pools of water, which damaged the flaps.
Remove terrine from freezer and open flaps of parchment.
It chased after prey with undulating flaps on its sides and a large fan-shaped tail.
But the hummingbird, by flipping its wing before it flaps upwards, can create lift in both directions.
There was no telling what the extension of flaps and wheels would do.
It is why the purest landings are done with no flaps or leading-edge slats, allowing the wings to speak entirely for themselves.
And when it's brutally cold, those side flaps come down encasing the ears too in extravagant warmth.
Across the cobblestones, as if for a medieval tournament, white tents opened their flaps to costumed crowds.
It flaps its pink paper ears and vocalizes excitedly in a babylike patter.
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