flapper in a sentence

Example sentences for flapper

So she ended up having a beaded flapper dress of the twenties.
Nor is it precisely a theatricalization of the novel: there are no bobbed hairdos, cigarette holders, or flapper gowns.
The handle lifts the flapper, which rests on top of the drain opening.
A-The toilet probably has a leak between the tank and bowl, caused by a worn or defective ball valve or flapper valve.
When a proper nozzle is inserted, the latches release, and the nozzle pushes the flapper door open.
Install the new flapper by sliding it down over the overflow tube until the ring touches the bottom of the tank.
Both flapper and plunger-ball leaks can cause toilets to run constantly or intermittently.
Flapper ball leaks are more difficult to detect than overflow pipe leaks.
If the water in the bowl changes colors, the rubber flapper needs to be replaced.
Both of these devices will limit losses from toilet flapper leaks.
If your toilet is leaking you may need a new flapper.
The same is true for flapper valves in tank toilets.
Zelda stepped on the stage as the paradigm of a flapper.
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