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But since you are a flaming denier, then you also don't fault the real cause of our economic disaster.
Three of us are fleeing north, away from the flaming towers.
Deeply disturbed students become the flaming torches handed off from one sphere to another.
The flaming reds had turned into a deep azure, signalling a substantial decline in activity.
The term for such poor comportment-flaming-became one of the first bits of net jargon to enter common usage.
Twisting and writhing in the wind, they resemble flaming tornadoes tethered to their wellheads.
Dave has offered to perform his flaming poi ball dance.
But flaming thunderbolts have not warded off change.
It's also important to keep flaming particles from getting inside your home via the attic or ductwork.
Cars were set alight, flaming barricades erected and police ambushed.
Flaming liquid drips onto the floor, forming fiery puddles, some of which burn through the carpet.
There are many ways of doing that, from open revolution to open derision, from flaming pitchforks to fiery satire.
Something about me lying there with holding a flaming tube of beeswax coming through a paper plate really tickled her.
It's not so much the automation of the cart that's chilling, but the set of flaming, disembodied legs that propel the thing.
Adding an archer with a flaming arrow being launched at a target that erupts into flame is far from subtle.
And then the flaming failed, and the fire stanched, the which many a day had been great.
She grew to the height of a tree beside him, leaping upon the wall with flaming eyes and hair strewn upon the night.
The sun had already gone below the horizon and the west was flaming gold, touched with some horizontal bars of purple and crimson.
Two or even three houses were now flaming in a general blaze.
Or they rush down the hillside in troops, brandishing the flaming brooms and shouting.
No other preparation, not even puff pastry or flaming brochettes, draws such a response.
Flaming resin produces appropriate smoke and gases to be detected within one minute in small narrow body below floor compartments.

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