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Planking salmon gives it a deep, woodsy taste and keeps it moist by protecting it from the flames.
Plant trees far enough apart-and trim them-so flames can't spread from one to the next.
There is some controversy over who first placed parabolic mirrors behind flames to boost candlepower.
Within minutes, the entire eighth floor of the ten-story tower was full of flames.
Soon his house, and much of the city, is engulfed in flames.
The rain continued for two hours, dousing the flames.
For eight hours the top floor of the two-story building burned while the fire department trained hoses on the flames.
Anyhow these smug, arrogant pricks for faculty are going to lose this lawsuit and this program is going to go down in flames.
We all wondered how to respond to inaccuracies in the news media and in the legislature without fanning the flames.
They were hidden away in the laboratory that was now bursting into flames.
Several sailors swam through the blast hole to escape the flames.
But the plane was plummeting, and flames were nearing the fuel tank.
Fifty-one minutes later, a circuit breaker on the second transformer burst into flames.
Two years before, far away from there, she had fallen asleep without putting out the candle and had awakened surrounded by flames.
They dragged themselves elsewhere, lit up by the flames, barefoot in the melting snow.
Deep rolling whirlwinds roar, and thundering flames resound.
The flames engulfing it are making their way ever higher.
Induction cooking is way more efficient than gas flames and electric coils.
When the outer door burst into flames, the patrons had no escape.
Although four out of five wildfires are started by people, nature is usually more than happy to help fan the flames.
Huge flames erupt beneath your rocket as it blasts off.
Firefighters began blowing up houses to stop the flames from spreading.
Every few minutes a fir ignites, flames devouring it in a rush of light, the roar of rockets.
The brush fueled fires that imperiled the sequoias-which resist flames at their bases but can die if fire attacks their crowns.
He throws something into the fire to change the color of the flames.
Eleven workers died in the explosion and flames that followed.
Low flames blacken palmetto and gallberry undergrowth, and a few trees smoke.
Air around the fire warms and rises, sometimes creating winds that fan the flames.
When he finished, he snapped the staff over his knee and fed it to the flames.
They work their magic by communicating with the flames.
They raced nip and tuck, the flames gaining on the uphills, horse and rider picking up ground on the descents.
Researchers learned that flames extinguish themselves.
Any information about how they may behave can help scientists better contain and fight the flames.
Putting the stairs internally makes them impossible to use in the presence of flames and smoke.
The room is filled top to bottom with thick fumes and is nearly entirely in flames.
Quarantine and isolation seem to have snuffed out the flames for now.
From there, it took ten seconds for spacecraft to fill with flames.
Stoking those mitochondrial flames boosts your metabolism.
Or maybe they went all out, expediting the process and blowing out any flames.
Power transmission lines worldwide could burst into flames.
It would be extremely pretty bright colored flames but burn it would.
As a bonus, the steam also smothers the flames by diluting the amount of oxygen in the surrounding air.
But they are also more pointedly critical of their own societies for failing to extinguish those flames long ago.
It is obviously better than electrocution, for example, which has caused several prisoners to burst into flames.
In dry spells, which are becoming more common, the flames get out of hand.
They intervened in a host of small financial fires, using low interest rates to put out the flames.
One thick-skinned show-off waves his foot in the flames for a foolhardy second.
They grilled slowly, with no billowing smoke or shooting flames.
When flames have all died down and coals are covered in white ash, place pork on side of grill away from coals.
He did not talk of race or kindle the flames of provincial pride.
Step one: roast the hunted things-tapirs, monkeys, birds-on a stick above the flames.
So firmly they did not feel the flames when they came up to the eyelashes.
Fire was coming from both of them, flames from one and fireballs from the other.
The copilot cut power to the left engine, but it was soon in flames.
One morning before dawn, the couple awoke to find the dacha in flames.
Only one survived to realize that the flames were in fact far away from the building, which held out for another month.
The set was closed to journalists, which only fed the flames.
The company had more than seven million of its laptop batteries recalled after some had burst into flames.
At any moment, a capricious ill wind could send everything up in flames.
He told me fire hoses had been dragged through the lobby of the hotel and out to the terrace to combat the flames.
Redstone, licked by flames, climbed onto the window ledge and waited for rescue.
Curtains drop burning fragments that in turn start their own flames.
Clouds of dirt, dust, and flames billowed out from beneath the craft as it lifted.
Within minutes the living room had burst into flames, followed quickly by the entire house.
Soon the flames reached the roof beams, and the attackers had to jump from the roofs before they collapsed.
And probably farming us out and cooking us over open flames in the summer.
The back of the cranial vault was down around the coals, and the flames licked up and browned the side and blackened the back.
Now, a new study looks set to fan the flames even further.
Some nights, these flames would be fairly low, but other nights they would be absolutely roaring.
But still, that's fanning the flames they must have known would erupt.
The annual cross-country endurance race features flames, freezing temperatures, and obstacles of all kinds.
They might spray lighter fluid on a smoldering barbecue fire and the resulting flames could catch their clothes on fire.

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