flaky in a sentence

Example sentences for flaky

Mix with your fingers until it forms flaky crumbs and lumps.
The fish itself is flaky and a slightly translucent white in color.
Texture: crispy on the outside, flaky on the inside.
They fed me flaky white cod and buttery sole fillets and never once asked me to eat any skin.
For example, it turned out that adding too little cotton led to flaky and unevenly coloured paper.
The overall result of lower pay and peaking bad debts, as well as the closure of flaky divisions, should be higher profits.
Some will fall because they have flaky business plans.
Some believe that the fears over the impact on insurers of the disreputable, flaky mineral are overdone.
And venture capitalists currently appear to be in no mood to fund flaky proposals.
It has a similar sweet flavor with a thick flaky fillet.
The best are encased in flaky puff pastry and baked on the walls of an earthen kiln instead of an oven.
We dug in the cave for an hour with our hands and sharp shards of basalt and discovered layers of flaky rock.
The crack is composed of basalt that is sometimes flaky in places.
Caterers cut nova lox and place the pieces on trays in rolls, alongside flaky pastries, succulent beef and champagne.
It would seem a pretty flaky test if this basic check wasn't performed.
From sunburns to dry, flaky skin to germ-laden beauty supplies, summer weather can be tough on your skin and beauty routine.
Blanketing a heartwarming stew with a flaky brown crust is a great idea whose time has come.
The result: a flaky, cooked texture and a deep, smoky flavor.
Recipes that say to cut the fat into the flour until it resembles coarse meal will not make flaky pastry.
The best part is the crust--perfect, with slightly flaky texture and buttery taste.
As the fat melts, it creates pockets of steam, and the spaces left behind by those pockets create the flaky layers.
What you end up with are cookies that are incredible crisp and so flaky they almost seem to float away.
The fish comes to the table garnished with shrimps and mussels and flaky crescents of puff paste.
The tortilla is soft and flaky and the beans, spiced with a pungent wild oregano, are almost buttery.
Six different varieties are available in flaky puff pastry fillings.
The gloves had a brown, reddish flaky substance on them.
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