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Example sentences for flailing

But many are concerned not so much about a failed president as about a flailing nation.
Most people timidly jump off the bungee cord, flailing a bit.
To me this sounds much more logical than being tickled by a phantom flailing faller.
Six biologists enter the pen shouting and flailing their arms, shooing the condors into holding cells.
But if there's too much flying meat onscreen to render all at once, the game falls back on preset flailing animations.
Beset by shrinking advertising revenues, newspaper companies have been flailing to find solutions to prop up their income.
In your flailing about, you haven't grasped my essential point.
They'd inevitably portray the player as a spastic in mid-seizure, flailing away on a joystick while jumping and twitching.
She ran off, flailing the limp trophy as if she were.
He also kept flailing into my side of the lane, in part because to say that his form sucks would be a step up.
Televised images of flailing billy clubs spilled into living rooms across the country.
Slam-dancing involves strenuous free-form leaping and flailing.
Collecting himself, he drives off and a few yards later begins flailing away at the steering wheel again.
Rob tumbled through the roof hatch, almost landing on top of me in a clatter of camera equipment, a flailing of arms and legs.
He faced surprisingly little criticism from his flailing rivals, and answered their punches with sharp jabs.
Lawmakers want to enact sweeping legislation aimed at overhauling what is often perceived as a flailing system.
Louie hung there, gyrating in the water and flailing his arms and legs, as the sharks snapped at him and the bullets came down.
By afternoon his arms and legs are once again flailing about, resisting.
Some years ago a flailing panther sunk its claws into the biologist's rear end.
Halfway through the race, he started flailing and seemed in danger of drowning.

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Action is at bottom a swinging and flailing of the arms to regain one's balance and keep afloat.... more
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