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Example sentences for flail

Another third would flail and swallow some water, but somehow they'd make it to the water's edge.
On the road to the main cemetery, rain-soaked policemen flail their batons at delivery trucks co-opted as hearses.
They didn't see her trip on a branch and flail endlessly to get on her feet.
Crocodiles position themselves nearby, picking off the animals as they flail in the water.
When angry, he is known to shout, turn red and flail his arms.
They did everything right by their children, only to watch them flail.
Onstage and off, people flail the air in hippie dances.
Side effects of her medicines made her arms and legs flail out of control, and she could not teach.
Sometimes it didn't matter: he'd flail at me anyway.
Notion of time in physics is as simple as a construction of a flail.
The attendant helped me flail out, discreetly averting her eyes from the bits of mud hanging off my body.
He was carrying a salvage flail mower chained to the loader.
During the rain, the wheat heads were laid out on the threshing floors or on the floors of the bastions and beaten with a flail.

Famous quotes containing the word flail

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A sudden light transfigures a trivial thing, a weather-vane, a wind-mill, a winnowing flail, the dust in th... more
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