flagship in a sentence

Example sentences for flagship

Gotham's flagship orchestra is keeping busy in the city's increasingly active preseason schedule.
Flagship missions at risk as astrophysics funding shrinks.
The polar bear has become the flagship species in the climate-change discussion.
It will always be synonymous with the flagship operation of its heyday, the dreaded prefrontal lobotomy.
It is the number one priority for astrophysics and is a flagship mission that cannot be done any other way.
It seems churlish to criticize even mildly the flagship public radio news shows-their reliable excellence deserves lavish praise.
It's our flagship apartment, the top of the line-with a triple exposure.
They're the flagship of this company, because they're spreading over to such a wide audience.
It is losing money and subscribers at its flagship channel.
The trick for a showcase, typically a flagship store in a big city centre, is to keep the customers rolling in.
The government's problems began when a select committee questioned whether this flagship programme offered value for money.
The free-school programme is a flagship policy for the government.
The government was desperate for a flagship project to propel the country from obscurity into the world's tourism brochures.
Noise inescapable in some flagship national parks.
Updating a flagship product is tricky for any company.
Instead, it's continually rethought what its flagship media player should do, and fought to price it aggressively.
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