flagellum in a sentence

Example sentences for flagellum

So what happens is that the information that these receptors pick up gets transferred down to the motor that spins the flagellum.
It trails a second flagellum as a rudder and veers toward nutrients and sunlight.
Intelligent design is an argument by inference, and the example that proponents dote upon is the bacterial flagellum.
He doesn't know anything about why a flagellum is not irreducibly complex, or anything about geology.
For example, the bacterium flagellum or the eye cannot evolve on their own because they are irreducibly complex.
It had already been done with the bacterial flagellum and blood clotting.
He brings up the bacterial flagellum, which has been proven to be reducible.
If those making that argument failed in the case of bacteria or flagellum motors or whatever, it was for that reason.
He added that the bacterial flagellum is still irreducibly complex in the sense that the subset does not function as a flagellum.
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