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Example sentences for fixed costs

Online education is characterized by extremely low fixed costs and low marginal costs.
Many of them cannot raise tuition without reducing demand and thus their ability to spread their fixed costs.
Plus, in a business with high fixed costs and low variable costs, what matters is that enough people pay.
The flat fee model allows you to have a much lower effective per minute rate since the fixed costs are automatically covered.
They have relatively low fixed costs but relatively high incremental costs.
Square's innovative payment system eliminates all of this: there's no credit check, no hardware costs, and no fixed costs.
Fixed costs such as paper, printing and delivery have been drastically reduced.
Because there are a number of fixed costs in running any school or business and elasticity is greatly limited.
Most now have high fixed costs, in the form of hundreds of employees.
No longer does a producer have to make thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of items to recover his fixed costs.
Robots may have higher fixed costs upfront, but they are also easier to turn on and off depending on demand.
High fixed costs and negligible variable costs give these industries vast potential economies of scale.
Areas such as interest-rate swaps and foreign-exchange trading incur large fixed costs.
Firstly the fixed costs of running a bailout country must be reduced.
Innovation entails the absorption of certain fixed costs, which a business would prefer to spread over as many sales as possible.
The industry's high fixed costs make profits vulnerable.
But it is also because nuclear combines huge fixed costs with political risk.
The loan-origination platform has high fixed costs, so it is a scale business.
Simply putting together two contiguous networks can bring down fixed costs.
As hospitals have substantial fixed costs, incremental business can bring large returns.
There are also fixed costs involved that are invariable for the amount of data exchanged, and other costs that are relative.
The downside is the burden of fixed costs such as rent and employees.
Profitable investments often incur substantial fixed costs.
With such high fixed costs, it makes short-term sense to pump out the marginal car for the extra cash that it brings in.
Purchasing was inefficient and fixed costs were far too high for a company of its size.
It has responded by curbing production and laying off workers, but its heavy fixed costs are a horrid drain on cash.
But by then it had acquired so much debt, it could not possibly cover its fixed costs.
For benefits that represent quasi-fixed costs, the hourly cost will be higher for part-time jobs.
If the company under collects its fixed costs of serving customers, customers get a surcharge.
Built on volumetric through put to recover fixed costs.
Real estate transactions generate large fixed costs, and one can interpret fixed costs as simply a binary choice.
These high fixed costs make the goals of cost recovery and efficiency incompatible.
The expenses that the utility incurs that do not depend on the amount of electricity used are the fixed costs.
After personal services, the second largest category of cost increases is from fixed costs.
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