fixed cost in a sentence

Example sentences for fixed cost

One option is simply to lend more over the same fixed cost base.
Although they too have a large fixed cost base, they have a variable cost of production in terms of food costs.
The introduction of the euro has in effect brought down the fixed cost of trading in the euro area.
Buying large brewers brings the volume needed to offset the high fixed cost both of breweries and distribution networks.
Each cell site has a fixed cost to build and operate.
It is a fixed cost and is based on the size of your water meter.
If the test shows elevated levels of radon, the problem can be fixed cost effectively.
Part of this markup is a fixed cost that is not related to the cost of acquiring a specific drug.
The fixed cost you pay for services at the time you receive care.
Projects are awarded based on fixed cost applications.
Fixed cost savings from bundling have two implications.
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