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Throughout the conversation, his benevolent smile was as steady as the plastic mole fixed to his chin.
First, they recorded where and for how long the eyes of an experienced surgeon were fixed during a simulated surgery.
She unscrewed the back, fixed the mechanism and put it back together.
He looks at fixed-gear bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes and hand-built bikes so dashing that it seems foolish even to ride them.
Narwhals may be imperiled because of their genetic homogeneity, limited diet and fixed migration patterns.
But in retrospect, maybe he fixed his sights a little too rigidly on an arbitrary calendar date.
Professionals generally mix and match zoom lenses with fixed-focal-length lenses, depending on what they're planning to shoot.
They are mildly venomous snakes, but their tiny, fixed rear fangs make them harmless to humans.
But the points of light stay in fixed positions relative to each other-making, for example, constellations possible.
We go to bed near a fixed time, sleep alone or with our partner, on soft cushions covered with sheets and blankets.
Today the borderlines are fixed but the tension keeps shifting back and forth.
Most sharks keep their hardware concealed behind their fixed crescent frowns.
In these regions the motorcyclists fixed compact discs to their mud flaps as makeshift reflectors.
Appointment to these positions will initially be made on a fixed-term contract of two years.
We create a spider web anchored between a rock and a slender stem, between fixed tradition and uncertainty.
They're geared for travellers who know they'll be doing a lot of here-and-there, but aren't fixed as to when.
Thus, more and more of your annual budget will go for fixed costs.
The trouble is that in electronic formats, there are no fixed pages.
Words have meanings, and those meanings are fixed forever.
These terms don't have fixed meanings, and they are contested.
Even modern marriage entails contractual obligations, but friendship involves no fixed commitments.
Several applications were made and dates fixed for hearings.
The free ends of the inner hair cells are encircled by a cuticular membrane which is fixed to the heads of the inner rods.
The line of demarcation is not, of course, absolutely fixed.
In certain places it is fixed to the walls of the cavity.
We have to imagine each of these clocks fixed at a point on the non-rigid reference-body.
He kept one eye steadily fixed on the interests of his party.
So fixed is this habit that his art, truly, is independent of his bodily state.
There's no clearer sign that the market wants this problem fixed, and now.
The security breach lasted for more than two weeks before it was fixed today.
Admit it, apartment dwellers, you'd have fixed that showerhead by now if you didn't need to search for the right tools.
We're trying to get it fixed and apologize to everyone who submitted real names.
First, the crash-on-launch problem is known, and will be fixed in the next update.
It is neither too fixed on you nor too far away from the action.
Those rates were fixed for only two years, and payments are escalating.
He laughed about this incident for years to come, because he never fixed that hole.
The supply of land is fixed, and if there's a fixed supply of something but a growing demand, appreciation should be automatic.
Few governments still have revenues sufficient to cover the fixed money charges for which they have made themselves liable.
For the shareware developer the advantage of this business model is its low fixed costs.
Sleep and a fixed routine are among the few luxuries denied him.
Fixed interest rate debt is a great hedge for inflation.
We don't want to spend years focused on income inequality, only to learn that the financial crisis fixed it for us.
Patients generally do decide where to take their business, even if rates are fixed and someone else is paying.
But whatever be the standard fixed, it is equally for the interest of all concerned that it be enforced without flinching.
He'd always claimed the ones others abandoned, put them on blocks, fixed them himself.
Knowledges were always seen as fixed stars, so to speak, each occupying its own position in the universe of knowledge.
If you get it fixed, printed on the page, then it becomes a stable thing that people can look at and think about for themselves.
The business of fixed-income sales and trading, which has suffered two bad quarters, will be cut back.
Areas such as interest-rate swaps and foreign-exchange trading incur large fixed costs.
But there are no fixed criteria and no clear rewards.
Nature has decreed that the supply of water is fixed.
The new boss will also have to decide whether to pare back the fixed-income operation and if so by how much.
Most now have high fixed costs, in the form of hundreds of employees.
Why was it performed on actual children who had the horrible fixed mind sets have to suffer for the sake of science.
Even when you think your eyes are staring, fixed in space, they are actually on the go.
Some of the dots moved about randomly and others traveled in fixed directions.
One sees a transition between the fixed behavior of individual atoms and molecules and the adjustable behavior of collectives.
Switches, sockets and thermostats are grafted on as afterthoughts to the architecture, with functions fixed by buried wiring.
The percentage of males among all births is not fixed, however.
Two animals lived on a rotating disc over a pool of water, separated by a fixed wall.
Water increases volume of blood in a fixed volume cardiovascular system.
Sea turtles die of drowning or injury when caught on hooks, entangled in fishing line or trapped in fixed nets or trawls.
With the voice therefore the resonator, with its fixed length, has to respond well through a large range of frequencies.
Two or three days later, you go back and get it, fixed.
The severe curvature that is brought upon this condition due to scarring can be fixed naturally without surgery.
Life evolved the way it did because it had to, the game was strongly fixed from the start.
All our theories are fixed upon uncertain data and all of them want alteration and support.
The hierarchy evidently remains as fixed as it's ever been.
Today, she could be an antique doll, her smile so fixed it appears her face might crack if she moves a muscle.
He can't afford to go to the movies much, his shoe has a hole in it, and he can't get his teeth fixed.
Bill never had a fixed closing hour but locked up as soon as he began to feel sleepy, which was usually around ten o'clock.
In politics, the side with a fixed notion of ends and an unscrupulous approach to means always has the advantage.
By fixing currencies to gold, the gold standard also fixed them to each other.
These notes remain fixed and the pianist goes back and forth from them to the notes in the center.
In the simplest animals it serves mainly to generate fixed responses to external stimuli.
We are getting this fixed now, it should be working soon.
Apologies for not making that clear in the article, it is fixed.
They have relatively low fixed costs but relatively high incremental costs.
In a synchronous, reactive software system, a huge chunk of the code has a fixed or deterministic temporal signature.
They were a little late on their first deliveries because of transmission problems that they have since fixed.
Some or all of that can maybe be fixed, but it's currently a problem.
Only trains running of fixed right-of-ways can be powered by electricity.
There is no limit as there no such fixed geometrical thinking or any of that.
And they occur at relativistic speed with one fixed target.
But as molecules grow larger they tend to collapse into a single, fixed state, making it more difficult to register the patterns.
Each burst of replication begins at fixed locations called origins.
Another problem is the use of a stainless steel frame, which has a fixed structure and cannot be absorbed by the body.
But the universe has nothing to interact with except itself and has only a fixed total energy.
They eventually fixed the report, but the damage to me was irreparable.
The stars stayed in a fixed arrangement and the planets moved against that pattern.
There seemed to be no end of chairs that had to be fixed.
Fixed on one image, its response dies out, and the impression of depth disappears.
Another helped users memorize the alphabet by placing the letters in a fixed sequence and giving them easy-to-remember names.
If it were broken by a deletion, or frame-shift mutation, then it cannot be fixed by a single-step mutation.
Likewise, no one can imagine a fixed beginning to the universe, an end to the universe or an existence without end.
The outer sphere of fixed stars was retained and held to be immutable.
If it was the last of the fuel blowing out, then there should be a fixed point from which the shell of light expands.
Little is known about his life: he has refused to confirm his age in interviews or give a fixed address.
Which means that if the system's flaws are to be fixed, they must be fixed from within.
For poor families, especially those on fixed incomes, a drafty house can eat up a large chunk of their income in the winter.
Fixed costs such as paper, printing and delivery have been drastically reduced.
Especially vulnerable were seniors on fixed incomes.
Often living on fixed incomes, many seniors need an affordable apartment.
Each has to be laid down on her side on a fixed surface and have the bottle held a special way.
ED was so sadden he was compelled to help her and send her money to get the transmission fixed in her car.

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