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As weird as it may sound, the movie's aquatic fixation is integral to its concept.
To this day his fixation with butter has always made sense to me, unhealthy as it is for him now.
Scarcity of energy is a myth that persists in society, because our fixation remains on fossil fuels.
Elvis has had a weird aggressive fixation with the dishwasher and garbage disposal.
The fixation on the federal deficit has silenced talk of more fiscal stimulus.
Instead, a bit less fixation on raw technology may bring benefits.
Hollow organs, such as the heart, must be dilated during fixation.
Ironies abound with regard to the fixation of the authorities on the menace of tobacco, as your article unintentionally revealed.
Basically there is divergence on either side of the plane of fixation and convergence.
The fixation of progress through catalogues and television sets.
Central bankers' fixation on short-term price stability can blind them to other important signs of financial imbalance.
Some reawakening from the trancelike fixation on technology is needed.
There is likely both truth and delusion in his fixation.
My fixation today is on the separatist rebellion of the prefixes.
Our natural curiosity is the lighter side of our fixation, of course.
Matriculation fixation reaches its dottiest form during the obligatory campus visit.
The theater and fashion worlds share a fixation: celebrity, any celebrity.

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It is a pregnant complex, gleaming up from the unconscious, of mother-fixation, sexual desire, and fear.... more
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