fixate in a sentence

Example sentences for fixate

Because that encourages us to fixate on what we're missing or losing, rather than what we're gaining.
The weight you maintain when you don't fixate on your weight or food habits.
Management gurus fixate on the next big trend in such areas as innovation or business models.
It is comically primitive to fixate on one particular item.
Inequality is indeed a frequent side-effect of injustice, but it is benighted to fixate on symptoms to the neglect of the disease.
Well, if you fixate on one cheese in particular, then you've a problem.
Text maps of five of the subjects with scotomas showed that they used the same peripheral retinal area to scan text and fixate.
The patient is asked to fixate on the eccentric hand and then, on command, to shift the gaze to the hand at the primary position.
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