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Fitting, then, that one of his obsessions is biodiversity.
Somehow, it seemed a fitting end to the tale of one old tramp's perpetual circuit of the country.
Considering that beer's invention was probably related to bread making, it seems fitting to combine the two.
Fitting it in is merely a matter of time management and getting one's priorities straight.
Their fears are nearly all about fitting in and they are no less real for being generally ill-founded.
But then there is the fitting of the gown, and the sweet release.
It seems a fitting next step to write about our promotion and tenure process.
But do not shirk the responsibility of fitting your paper within the time limits.
Poorly fitting shoes are a frequent cause of foot pain.
Most graduates take jobs fitting their qualifications, earn more than non-graduates, and thus tend to pay more in taxes.
For some homes, fitting brilliant insulation will repay the benefit within a few years in saved bills.
The work involves fitting wind-deflecting devices under the trailer of a semi to make the rig more aerodynamically efficient.
Fitting the body of an artificial pacemaker is fairly easy.
Consider fitting a luminous emergency release handle in the boot, in case robbers lock you in it.
He is fitting mice with the human receptor for the polio virus.
Such evenings were brought to a fitting climax, as it were, when they would communally ejaculate into a ceremonial pewter platter.
Fitting wind-deflecting devices underneath a trailer can make a big truck more aerodynamically efficient.
Salomon also makes a well-fitting hydration vest that carries water and nutrition.
With all those changes in his life, it's only fitting that he upgrade his ride.
These special, tight-fitting threads are intended to improve blood circulation and oxygen flow in key parts of the body.
The type of food a spa serves is fitting with their signature activities.
It can stem from a foot imbalance and may be aggravated by ill-fitting shoes or socks.
Maybe you need to aim your fear and suspicion at more fitting targets.
And so it was perhaps fitting that yesterday's event concluded on a wonderfully ironic note.
Cost however is a big factor when it comes to retro fitting.
Only now are efforts under way to pay him fitting tribute in the city in which he lived and worked all his adult life.
It seems to me ironically fitting that the poster would now claim as evidence something he previously insisted never existed.
However, in this instance it unfortunately seems to be fitting advice.
It is fitting that the moral question be scientifically considered.
He seldom exercises each selected characteristic in some peculiar and fitting manner.
Coal fired plants require retro fitting precipitators, and adding improved dust capture equipment.
It's simply a change of culture, not fitting lives around automobiles.
When he ended our meeting by reading poems about auroras, it seemed only fitting.
Make room in a kitchen cabinet for clean containers that come with tight-fitting lids.
It seems oddly fitting for a people who are perpetual outsiders that even their patron saint is an interloper.
Then someone thought to try fitting time-reversed indicators to non-reversed data.
It was immediately evident that the atoms of his model were not fitting together as neatly as they did in the alpha helix.
Then a statement somewhat in detail of a course to be pursued seemed fitting and proper.
Fill small paper cases with mixture, cover with macaroon dust, and set in a tin mould with tight-fitting cover.
The soldier was so much moved that he was ready to shed tears of tin, but that would not have been fitting.
The glory they transfuse with fitting truth to speak.
It is as fitting that the soldier should be ignorant of some things, as that he should know others.
Spencer displayed much ingenuity in fitting organic, mental and social facts into this mechanical framework.
The stamp that is not only torn but also fitting is not any symbol.
But, though far fewer folks would see it, it might be more fitting to put that statue elsewhere.
It is fitting, however, that the media emerge as a battleground for crime prevention.
As is fitting for the authors of the best writing guides, these anti-adverb crusaders make a good, nuanced point.
Fitting every tree in a forest with a speaker would of course be impossible.
Transfer to tart pan, gently fitting dough into pan without stretching.
Our lunches were a fitting prelude to the conversation that followed.
But he had problems fitting people's heights and weights in a population into such a normal distribution.
The officers wear outsized caps and ill-fitting uniforms and carry briefcases.
It's a simple canvas tent, ringed by plastic chairs, and a fitting place for her to have been.
He was dressed in dark jeans, sneakers, and a tight-fitting polo shirt.
Galliano then worked through the night, fitting models and making final adjustments to their clothes.
Soundlessly, my jaw moved up and down, as if adjusting an ill-fitting set of false teeth.
These are clothes meant to be crumpled-loose-fitting frocks with nary a zipper or buttonhole.
It is fitting that these images were arduous to capture.
The writer, in getting away from pop, was able to throw off an ill-fitting personal influence.
For a number of island dwellers, the self-let alone self-presentation-must not be questioned, for fear of not fitting in.
It was a fitting location for a farewell not only to a job but to a city.
Dressed in form-fitting jeans, knocking back a whiskey and smoking a cigarette, her mere presence is suggestive of a wider world.
In certain parts of the country, though, it's easy to imagine deep-frying fitting into the holiday rituals.
It's fitting and weird at the same time, an unsightly amalgam of news and entertainment.
One thing that helps me is to wear tight fitting jeans.
That's the theory with dark matter, fitting all the data.
Moreover, the grammar of language is fundamentally a way of fitting those dictionary words into a larger context.
We used simulation-based inference to identify the historical model best fitting our data.
Oh, and anyone else whose ego has trouble fitting on their own continent.
The second is that for quite a few of the convention participants, a lot of this stuff is simply not fitting.
It was a fitting end to the ugliest soccer match of the season.
It may not have been a break-out project for new talent, but it was a fitting aperitif for what is to come this week.
They are already starting to get to the age now where they can start fitting into quite a few of them.
Such stuff is a fitting complement to those little pieces of green sawtooth plastic used in presentation in many sushi places.
Minutes beforehand, mortars had come shrieking into the base and forced everyone to dive for cover-a fitting send-off.
That's the real big time, and it seemed only fitting.
He wears loose-fitting cotton pants and red espadrilles.
Such a modest volume was a fitting, elegant gesture, even while it omitted reference to many of the works her legacy comprises.
Campion was heavily armed under his loose-fitting, dark-gray wool overcoat.
Serve this with a big bowl of strawberries for a fitting to finale to a holiday brunch.
Either way, you need to use a heavy bottomed pan with a fairly tight-fitting lid, such as a dutch oven.
To select and properly fit a bicycle helmet, follow the helmet fitting instructions below.
The idea that you can't escape the past is fitting for a show that details its era so acutely.

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