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Example sentences for fitfully

Yet such safeguards and checks are only fitfully applied.
In the open ocean bioluminescent organisms fitfully brighten the watery depths with their otherworldly sparkle and glow.
The field as a whole will fitfully establish a portfolio of different approaches, as it usually does.
The stakes are high, and progress is coming fitfully.
The democracy bug is fitfully catching on commented.
Electricity comes fitfully: a huge headache for factories that need to operate around the clock to turn a profit.
As the government struggles to hold its own employees to account, attempts to prosecute private firms are proceeding fitfully.
Things are getting better slowly and fitfully, hardly surprising given the imbalances and excesses of the boom years.
Any sentient viewer will be able to predict every lumpy twist of this ludicrous, fitfully enjoyable movie.
The downside is that its supply increases fitfully, with no regard for the state of the world economy.
But now scientists have determined that the deceleration is occurring somewhat fitfully.
We will fitfully and slowly gain some insights into biological complexity.
For several years, small and fitfully successful textile industries came and went.
The intelligence establishment has tried this but fitfully.
Charge followed by countercharge moved the fitfully swaying line first toward the river and then toward the church.
Most of the five technologies appear to be evolving, albeit fitfully, toward eventual success in the markets for energy.

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