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In the photo above, one desmid is splitting into two by a process called fission.
Some of the speeding subatomic particles of the fission process turn uranium into plutonium.
Relax and let the fission between you work it's magic.
Nuclear energy comes in two different flavors: fission and fusion.
The way to cut off a fission chain reaction, then, is to intercept the neutrons.
Upshot-Knothole involved the testing of new theories, using both fission and fusion devices.
The many safety mechanisms of a nuclear plant focus mainly on keeping these so-called fission products out of the environment.
It cannot stop a determined cheat producing a crude fission bomb, since the technology is well-known.
Implosion bombs create a fission reaction, which causes the nuclei of atoms to split and release huge amounts of energy.
When it comes to radical energy solutions, an extreme long shot is a nuclear power scheme that would combine fusion and fission.
The electromagnet releases the rods, which fall into the reactor core and halt the fission that produces heat to make steam.
For really heavy elements, such as uranium, such fission happens spontaneously.
In both fission and fusion no containment no control is needed when properly working.
Count me among the greens who believe that nuclear fission can be safe and ecologically sound.
All nuclear warheads contain conventional chemical explosives as well as nuclear fission fuel.
In some countries that secrecy stemmed from the military uses of nuclear fission.
It looked highly probable that the pulse was indeed a signal of the hoped-for fission.
Most nuclear reactors in operation today use a fission process.
More money should be put into fusion research as it's the only serious alternative to fission reactors.
The fuel is recycled to remove the fission products, not the protactinium.
Tritium is the basic fuel of hydrogen bombs and is used to increase the power for fission bombs.
Manufacturing even a low yield fission bomb is no trivial matter.
The discovery of nuclear fission involved related efforts by a number of scientists.
Some fission products were placed in the explosive so that radioactive traces could be measured.
Call the phenomenon comic combustion, or maybe fools' fission.
The idea was radiation implosion, which uses a fission bomb to set off a much more powerful fusion bomb.
If the overarching goal is to reduce risks for future generations, shutting fission down should be a key objective.
The process releases large amounts of energy, much of it in the form of the kinetic energy of the fast-moving fission products.
Few believe in fusion now, though uranium-powered fission reactors may be coming back into fashion.
So the effect of nuclear energy increase due to fission is greatly mitigated by high reactor temperature.
Nuclear reactors are powered by the fission of a radioactive element, typically uranium.
Nuclear fission is not one of them, and is likely never to be one of them.
But there's another theory called the fission hypothesis that could account for the similar isotopic content.
It will emit an electron beam and has no fission by-products.
In the mean time, fission is proven and cost effective.
Fission nuclear energy, based on uranium, is unsatisfactory.
They will have the ability to test tritium breeding blanket designs, and possibly fusion-fission hybrids.
Nuclear reactors generate energy through fission, the process by which an atomic nucleus splits into two or more smaller nuclei.
The fusion reactions release neutrons that in turn boost the fission process, increasing its yield.
Fission received much support from the last administration.
In cases of emergency, however, boron and seawater can be used to suppress fission chain reactions in the fuel elements.
The longer fuel stays in the reactor, the more neutron absorbing fission products, build up.
In my opinion the fission bomb was not intended to be used as a weapon.
It's an air cooled, run-away proof fission reactor design.
Best bet is to create a double ended fission powered rocket motor.
Nuclear physicists quickly recognized the potential for a fission weapon of previously unimagined power.

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