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At some point, they're going to have enough in the way of fissile material out of which to make a weapon.
As soon as uranium fission was considered for nuclear weapons, it was understood that the fissile isotope was the relevant one.
Breeders actually breed fissile isotopes, which are useful as reactor fuel, from neutrons and fertile isotopes.
If reactors can be build using other fissile materials it may be possible.
Without a treaty to prohibit the use of fissile material for weapons production the world will not get to zero.
We'll start by seeking a global ban on the production of fissile material for weapons.
Fissile material shall mean a material containing any of the fissile nuclides.
AS fissile materials are being created and destroyed in a nuclear reactor, tracking their inventory can be a tricky business.
It is intended that this guide be applied to facilities which process, handle, or store fissile materials.
Total uncertainties for the benchmark cores are caused primarily by those for each of the fissile isotopes.
Standards for arrays of fissile material packages.
Fissile material means the fissile nuclides themselves, not material containing fissile nuclides.
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