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Two of a handful of short biographies by the subjects' fellow divine and fishing companion.
They laid up their ship there, and remained there quietly during the winter, supplying themselves with food by fishing.
Enjoy boating and deep-sea fishing, surfing the waves and leisurely boardwalk strolls.
They filled their days with sailing, fishing and crabbing.
The paintings are used for hunting and fishing magic and also for teaching.
Fish species from warmer waters were showing up in fishing nets.
Digging clams and lobster fishing makes for a real tough way to make a living.
If you want chickpeas or hair dye or a fishing net or a saddle or a soup pot, you can find it at the souk.
Biotech innovations improve the country's core industries of mining and salmon fishing.
Perhaps not destroying it, but changing it, with potential impacts on tourism and fishing industries.
The area's fishing industry was shut down, and pictures of blackened beaches filled the news.
They begin taking occasional fishing trips together.
Across the lake was a pier, where some boys were fishing.
It is filled with helpful instructions on how to build an inflatable boat, catch edible fireflies, and make fishing lures.
Sport utility vehicles cruise by full of camping and fishing and rock-climbing gear.
Its only inhabitants were a few hunting and fishing tribes.
Imagine picnics, fishing trips and bullfighting without coolers.
But its builders say it is the world's first hybrid fishing trawler.
We write poems about our daddies taking us fishing and breaking our hearts by making us throw the little fish back into the river.
Studies have identified plastic pollution and fishing practices as major threats to sea turtles for several years.
Tuna swim faster than almost any other fish in the ocean-but not fast enough to escape the fishing fleets and farming of humanity.
No damages were paid to anybody in spite of the fact that the fishing industry was destroyed.
The once thriving fishing fleets have disappeared, too.
Rooftop solar makes as much economic sense as everyone buying a fishing boat to catch their own fish.
The character is self thinking enough to suggest going fishing at his pond to get her mind off everything.
We make sure to get in lots of fishing, hiking and rock climbing.
As a result, the villagers turned to hunting and fishing in order to survive.
He taught me how to ride a motorcycle and demonstrated local fishing techniques.
Some folding chairs are tenuously roped to the car's side, and a fishing pole sticks out a window.
The police boat turned out to be a fishing boat, and so no one was forced to jump into the ocean.
Ocean species such as cod, dolphins, and sea turtles have been grabbing headlines as victims of unsustainable fishing.
Unfortunately, after decades of poorly regulated fishing, menhaden are in serious trouble.
Ask students to pretend they have been hired as environmental consultants to a world conference on fishing.
As the shoals draw nearer to shore, small commercial fishing boats set out through the surf, trailing their nets behind them.
In fishing circles, talk of the big ones always garners an audience.
Their huge bodies damaged fishing nets, and their toxic stings poisoned the catch and even injured some fishers.
The giants clogged fishing nets and poisoned potential catches with their toxic stings, costing coastal fishers billions of yen.
Fishing boats, and the fish themselves, were washed away.
Ground-fishing, sardine-processing and a busy deepwater port have all had their day.
The land is not good for farming, fishing brings little reward and local factories prefer to hire cheaper labour from far inland.
There was a fashion for financing new fishing boats after the tsunami.
But this was a town of old people, as fishing villages here invariably are.
Surfing is more akin to fly-fishing or bird-watching than to parachute jumping or alligator wrestling.
As a consequence, the threat of commercial fishing looms ever larger.
There is a large banana plantation that provides jobs, a fresh-water-fishing industry and plenty of commerce.
Moreover, the sea offers fishing bounty and is a vital shipping route for a big chunk of world trade.
Both industries are constrained by capacity: fishing by quotas and metals by lumpy investments in smelters and power plants.
The city even boasts its own boat and fishing show every year.
Key shrimp and oyster fishing areas have been closed, pushing prices higher.
Walker displayed photos of a fishing net stuck to a dolphin.
If the fishing selectively picks large males, then you have to worry.
Their deadly appearances have led to immense revenue losses for the fishing industry and posed a threat to human health.
As pointed out it is not so much the fishing and eating of the fish as it is a matter of how the fishing is done.
They might go along, but they would be hunting or fishing.
Freshwater fish have also returned, leading to hopes of a resuscitated fishing industry.
He had been working up a plot about a giant octopus that menaces fishing fleets.
Over-fishing is partly to blame, as it deprived the reef of its cleansing fish.
Information about sport fishing licenses and king salmon stamps.
The various fishing licenses and their fees are listed below.
Fishing activities are balanced with efforts to restore and perpetuate natural aquatic environments and life.
Online and printable fishing license requirements.
Use this page to find great trout fishing around the state and throughout the year.
Also buy fishing licenses and other available hunting licenses.
About obtaining a free or reduced-fee sport fishing license.

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