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Example sentences for fiscally

We have a responsibility to be fiscally responsible, no question.
Fiscally, spending is what sailors do on drunken sprees.
The department could do much more than it is now proposing while remaining fiscally responsible.
It is not politically possible, and it is not even fiscally possible.
The college's president emeritus recalls an earlier fiscally challenging time for the school.
It has been fiscally prudent in public sector finances, but property foolish in private.
The problem is that matters rapidly seem to be spinning out of the control of fiscally-limited governments.
Behind the retreat lies a belief that, in fiscally tough times, costs are better controlled from the centre.
Supposedly, people in fiscally prudent, literate and well-paved places felt less urge to light up.
The problem is that matters rapidly seem to be spinning out of the control of fiscally limited governments.
They need to be fiscally responsible, or else they will be voted out at the next election.
But they show no tendency to shy away from being fiscally firm.
It doesn't mean you are becoming more fiscally responsible, it means you are going to go farther in debt.
Both parties have been fiscally irresponsible and inconsistent in their seriousness in reducing the deficit.
Those limits will require fiscally-strapped local governments to spend large amounts of money on water quality.
We are dedicated to being user-friendly, fiscally responsible, and have a vision for the future.
Proactively allocating resources to remain fiscally responsible, yet reflect visionary police programs and technology.
We are committed to environmentally responsible, fiscally sound products.
Unanimous support for the measure to add money to the budget to keep the college fiscally sound.
We are fiscally accountable for maximum and appropriate utilization of resources.
Programs will be administered in a fiscally responsible manner, ensuring that commitments and expenditures are affordable.
It cuts the deficit, helps the environment and keeps the government fiscally honest and accountable.
Managing a budget is not about popularity, it's about being fiscally responsible.
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