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If the problem is a lack of demand, policies that boost demand-fiscal stimulus, aggressive monetary policy-will help.
The economy needs strong doses of both fiscal and monetary policy.
Others welcomed better co-ordination between monetary and fiscal policy.
But when expansionary monetary policy has gone as far as it can, banking and fiscal policies have their place.
Thanks to their low debt levels, many big emerging economies used fiscal and monetary stimulus vigorously and effectively.
It might not make fiscal sense to send humans into space, according to a certain financial metric.
Our previous fathers actually did do the better job parenting and matters of social and fiscal responsibilities.
Science aside, those on the far left don't seem to understand economic restraints and fiscal responsibility.
Today, the political and fiscal situations seem more disheartening.
The current fiscal system requires and demands a positive percentage growth rate in the world economies.
Each one of those has a fiscal interest in slowing the development and market penetration of nuclear energy.
We seem to be long past the pretense that this about sound fiscal policy, rather than ideology.
Preventing that is the key to getting our fiscal house in order.
Take the fiscal stimulus package-eight hundred billion dollars.
Faltering sales will undermine the confidence of businesses far more than fiscal consolidation will embolden them.
The public fiscal health determines the level of services which can be provided.
He began with the kind of cuts and fiscal action that might calm the markets: robust pension reform and a tax on home ownership.
Despite the good news, there are reasons to worry that endowments may not do as well in the current fiscal year.
But the state's fiscal troubles have nonetheless created a cash crisis for two-year colleges.
In a dismal fiscal environment, there are few deals this good.
We were fortunate to have the opportunity to chose academia over jobs with better fiscal rewards.
It's politically fashionable to rant against government spending and demand fiscal responsibility.
Even that forecast may prove on the low side, given the scale of borrowing in the first five months of the fiscal year.
It does nothing to support the near-term economic outlook, and makes less progress on long-term fiscal consolidation than hoped.
Pledges of future fiscal discipline have been made repeatedly in the past and are always repealed when push comes to shove.
But poor countries have rarely risked such counter-cyclical fiscal expansion.
The risk of a fiscal stimulus that does not deliver on growth is an added government debt burden.
Moreover, the state's fiscal crisis is about to make them even worse.
One obvious risk to a sturdy recovery is the looming effect of tighter fiscal policy.
Broadly speaking, the short-term deficits overwhelmingly come from lost revenue and mandatory fiscal support for the recession.
Think of it as a kind of fiscal discrimination, or financial profiling.
Americans' rising longevity threatens fiscal calamity and generational warfare.
If it wasn't drowning under fiscal recklessness, it was being held under by draconian austerity plans.
Fiscal sustainability presents a national challenge shared by all levels of government.

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