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Example sentences for firsthand

He experienced betrayal and back-stabbing firsthand.
It would be a sucker's bet to venture that few, if any, of them have firsthand experience with military procurement.
Collectors these days tend to be interested in both beauty and behavior, which they sometimes discover firsthand.
Instead, it's a comprehensive experiential mode that lets you perceive and do things firsthand.
We do it for the enormous satisfaction one achieves in learning firsthand something new about our planet and our universe.
Take a family vacation and learn about sustainable development firsthand.
My approach to writing about a subject is to fly there to see the subject firsthand.
We see firsthand what developers are doing to the island and it is awful.
But seeing all this firsthand mainly gives a more detailed confirmation of the impression they already had.
They'll witness firsthand the fact that the animal does not want to die.
As the author discovers firsthand, video games are entering a whole new universe.
He made firsthand recommendations about defense spending proposals after taking aircraft on test flights.
The same did not hold true for the participants who experienced the racist event firsthand.
They come from decades of collective experience of top executives who have learned firsthand what it takes to succeed.
Both prosecutors and law enforcement officers learn firsthand from toxicologists about breath, blood and urine tests.
Second, that students can be engaged in inquiry without being involved in a firsthand investigation of real phenomena.
Travel across rolling landscapes and witness firsthand the natural beauty that attracted the first settlers to this area.

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