first name in a sentence

Example sentences for first name

He gets his first name because he likes to climb rocks.
Needless to say, owners won't be on a first name basis with their local gas station attendant.
In addition to sharing a first name, each of us was the oldest of three children.
The gentleman with the same first name seems to be referring to the ill-fated website.
Then it uploads in alphabetical order from the first name of a band or artist until you max out on space.
Peculiar though her first name may be, her surname indicates to her countrymen that she was born to the media purple.
Moreover, to the immediate family a member's first name is of particular importance, since the last name is common to all.
She allows students to call her by her first name to show them she is not above learning new techniques.
If she ever had a first name, nobody knows what it was.

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Passing over the earlier Continental poets, since we are bound to the pleasant archipelago of English poetry, Chaucer's ... more
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