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Researchers have taken only the first steps toward finding definitive answers to both of those questions.
Printing too much debt caused the current problem in the first place.
For the first time ever, a panda raised by humans was reintroduced into the wild today.
Astronomers report they have detected methane for the first time in the atmosphere of a planet outside our solar system.
The lumbering beasts coexisted with the first humans for tens of thousands of years and then died off.
Water plants deeply and regularly for the first two years.
For the first time, scientists were able to track an asteroid from space to the ground and recover pieces of it.
For the first few weeks before and after a course begins, a syllabus gets a lot of attention.
Scientists have discovered for the first time a dinosaur with shelled eggs inside her belly.
Many do-ahead steps make it easy to set out the first tastes of spring.
The moon is our close cosmic neighbor, and humans have been exploring its surface ever since they first developed telescopes.
Voracious, venomous lionfish are the first exotic species to invade coral reefs.
Water newly planted wisterias regularly for the first year or two, until the plant is well established.
The first summer after planting, let each vine grow unchecked from the base of its support structure.
From his first moments, the calf charmed the keepers, waving his tiny trunk with animation.
Many marveled at their first sight of an ice cream cone.
Generally, raspberry canes grow to full size in the first year, then bear fruit in their second summer.
By the time you get back to the first section harvested, new leaves will have appeared.
Place a second bunch on the base, overlapping the first slightly to cover the pins.
Consider the reason behind vintage labeling in the first place.
Simmering these sausages in beer first makes for quick grilling and helps feed tailgate guests fast.
Tuck in bread, and you have a showy first course or main dish that's easy to grasp.
For some people, that first whiff of the uncorrupted outdoors might trigger a set of survival instincts.
It doesn't take much to turn a head of romaine or a prepacked bag of greens into a gourmet first course.
Don't expect such growth the first year after transplanting, though.
Scientists have created the first genetically modified human embryo.
Writers are not people for whom a piece of writing always comes out right the first time.
Marketing spending is one of the first things companies decide to cut when faced with slowing sales.
For the first time, astronomers have taken a visual image of a multiple-planet solar system beyond our own.
The cost to you of failing to negotiate your first faculty position can be significant.
Because of the severity there, the first step must be to mend the holes in the world's safety net.
For the first time milk could be kept pure and storable without benefit of refrigeration.
The online posting will appear first among job search results and be highlighted to ensure it stands out from other job ads.
First ant species with a mostly mushroom diet uncovered by researchers.
The first time you build a fire in the oven is exciting.
W hen one thinks of fragrance, jasmine is one of the first plants that comes to mind.
To call it simple is an understatement: kitchen and living room on the first floor, sleeping loft and two bathrooms on the second.
Hand pulling or hoeing is your first line of defense against weeds, especially annual and biennial kinds.
He first combined plants with textures and forms that play off one another.
Foothill, the first harvested variety, has a mild taste and pink seeds.
The first signs that life can exist in the deepest seas were nets full of mangled goo.
The show borrows heavily from other sci-fi sources and the first episode was heavy on exposition.
The fossil provides the first ever snapshot of an ancient, three-level, vertebrate food chain.
For the first time, scientists have watched magma move through a volcano before it erupts in fountains of ash and lava.
Replacing the lawn with more of the pavers used for the driveway was the first step.
We suggest you make a small batch first and adjust the recipe to your liking.
Renovating a garden can be a challenge, especially for first-timers.
First step: figuring out how to suspend a head of cabbage in mid-air.
Wire cage to keep the chicks in for the first few weeks of their lives.
First, much content doesn't lend itself well to video.
First steps toward that end should not longer be delayed.
It is in the early days of rollicking boyhood that the revelation first bursts upon one, all in a day, as it were.
Its upper end supports the clavicles, and its margins articulate with the cartilages of the first seven pairs of ribs.
The middle ear and auditory tube are developed from the first pharyngeal pouch.
Here are our first impressions after a few hours using the machine.
Not all first flights of an aircraft are at the forefront of technology.
The first safety concern arose four years ago over the durability of the reactor's shield building.
But extensive examination revealed that the probe did in fact hold the first pieces of an asteroid recovered directly from space.
They say it's the first known example of a trap constructed collectively by ants.
It's also the proud owner of the world's first known neck.
Scientists had previously argued for the rapid evolution of the first land vertebrates from fish.
The first part of this parable confuses ownership with management.
First companies devised tiered systems for drugs, making a consumer pay more for a branded drug than a generic.
Younger teachers are usually the first to be let go, even though seniority does not necessarily ensure quality.
First, the subject of discussion was the wobble in confidence that has taken place over the past year.
The first part of that mindset is realising that retention is more important than recruitment, he says.
Only twice has a president's party gained seats in his first midterm election.
Two years later, he breezed through his first race, winning by six lengths.
First, he will have to overcome some faculty resistance to his selection.
Consider yourself free for the first time in your life.
We seek to fill a full-time, multi-year faculty position whose primary responsibility will be to teach the first-year seminar.
First-year students are not the only ones who need this type of support.
My first formal act upon entering the job market was to ask for letters of recommendation.
We were the first university to offer an accelerated law program and the first to offer an undergraduate program in human rights.
First, that's an impressively positive spin on a bad day, so points for creativity.
Coffee and oxygen interact in the first few hours of their exposure to one another.
Then for days he hovers over his glutinous brood, waiting for the first fingerlings to emerge, pouncing on any intruders.
Given the challenges, standard procedure dictates first building and testing the battery, and only then designing a car around it.
It cooked mostly on the first side, and then he flipped it to crisp up the pork a bit.
Food foams are the first thing that pop into my head when the topic of molecular gastronomy comes up.
There is never a sweeter meal than the first from the early summer garden.
Peculiar though her first name may be, her surname indicates to her countrymen that she was born to the media purple.
Modern whale babies come out tail first to prevent drowning.
For the first time, psychologists mapped muscle variation in the face.
But when he first exploded into public view, there were no precedents.
As the tales of some remarkable creatures from many millions of years ago show who goes first is a matter of ecology.
If you want to join me in supporting great science writing, use the first button.
Perry's program is not the first to employ video technology in the service of community surveillance.
The first stage in the evolution is contingent and cannot be contrived.
For example, an official met for the first time may abruptly sink his fingers into your neck.
First, it failed to offer any sort of line out of this tragic rut for these sad moms and dads.
We're finishing up filming the end of the first season now.
My first acting job, so the story goes, was in first grade.
The first compresses the light in time while the second decompresses it again.
The first bendable, touch-screen display will be used by the military.
It's the first robot to achieve liftoff that's modeled on a fly and built on such a small scale.
D-Wave claims this to be the first ever sale of a quantum computing system.
The first prototype cell to use photonic crystals looks promising.
The impact of this is being felt first in animal feed, particularly poultry and pork.
For the first time, a silicon-based optical cable will be commercially available.
The first sign-language dictionary that's searchable by gesture.
If policymakers want to reduce energy consumption, first they must grasp what people's current habits are.
If you are planning on camping at a first-come, first-served site, please allow for back-up plans if no sites are available.
Helping eligible first-time homebuyers turn their dreams of homeownership into reality.
Detailed answers for new home buyers seeking a first mortgage.
Testimony abounds that during the first year of her life she never smiled.
My first visit here was with my five-year-old last week.
The question is how much biology explains about life out here on the twenty-first-century street.
The element of time does not really enter in a first contact with a painting.
The bailout fund would supply the equity tier, which would be first in line for any losses.
Apart from rustic tone of the first trumpet, these were elegant readings, relaxed but majestic.
Also, first-timers were still motivated by a desire to own a home, but not as much as a few years ago.
Organizers have announced that it will host the first plus-sized runway show in its history.
If it operates as expected, it will be the first spacecraft to move through the solar system without using rocket fuel.

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