firmware in a sentence

Example sentences for firmware

It seems more likely that language phoneme neurons are firmware children are born with to aid in the development of language.
In my experience as a firmware engineer, you've got the order of causes backwards.
The idea is to sign all the code that your computer runs to the boot firmware, so in theory no malware can run on the machine.
Firmware is embedded software that controls hardware.
You'll need to roll your own malware to override the manufacturer's firmware.
Updating the carrier settings usually involves flashing the firmware, which takes a matter of seconds.
Even better, there will be scores of robots wanted by the police for having not paid the bill for their firmware.
The unauthorized firmware could impact the confidentially and integrity of the data sent to and received from the device.
The firmware upgrade is currently a factory only service.
There is the facility for the administrator to upgrade this firmware.
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