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In his own imperturbable firmness of character, my uncle had grown into the habit of never contradicting any one in conversation.
Starch is a substance, one form of which is used for cooking, and another of which is used to add firmness and shape to clothing.
His skin was clear--there were no age blotches on his hands--and there was a firmness in his face.
Aficionados relish the girth, firmness and fragrance of their cigars.
The lump's redness and tenderness suggested an infection, but its firmness suggested a tumor.
He had his head down and his eyes closed, but there was a firmness in his face that suggested concentration rather than slumber.
In a book that pretends to be all about firmness, though, this is not a good excuse.
When the surface of the meat matches that firmness, it's ready, he says.
Seedbed firmness affects proper seed unit depth placement.
Bright yellow color, firmness and low cooking weight loss are important factors for the production of good-quality pasta products.
Where fruit peel color changed but firmness did not, bruise volume increased.
Ethanol treatments increased fruit firmness in both cultivars.
It was named because it represents an improvement in sweetness, firmness, and flavor over currently grown early cultivars.

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