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When the guilty party finally came forward, she treated him gently but firmly.
The major oil dependent economies have a foot placed firmly on a pedal that has been locked and frozen into a revved position.
We firmly believe that more academics should write in public and use public venues to actively engage ideas and readers.
The concept of generations is not only ancient but firmly entrenched among today's social scientists and historians.
Even departments that firmly believe in trying to make searches as professional and humane as possible can stumble.
Firmly and clearly tell the bully to stop, then walk away.
Husband is firmly set against it anyway, so that's that.
In reality, faculty academic freedom has always been more firmly rooted in professional norms than in legal decisions.
Faculty academic freedom has always been more firmly rooted in professional norms than in legal decisions.
Something tells me this conclusion was firmly in your brain before you even clicked on page one.
Take deep breaths, reply firmly and calmly, and do not take the bait.
The kicker is that many faculty and students come to over rely upon it, firmly believing that nothing will ever go wrong.
Wrap the shorter wire tightly around the neck of the globe and, with pliers, twist firmly.
When the flower is aligned to your liking, press it firmly to secure it and remove any wrinkles or air pockets.
Press firmly into an ungreased eight-by-eight-inch pan.
The role of the mane has never been firmly established.
Then, confident that the surface is solid, he cuts the throttle and plants the trike firmly on the ground.
His long fingers grasp the handlebars firmly, and he checks his balance.
Attach a small piece of relatively stiff wire to a belt, and wrap the other end of the wire firmly around a glow stick.
Lightweight, tough nylon frames feature flexible temples that allow a natural fit to various face shapes, staying firmly in place.
We've tried holding the back of his collar, gently but firmly pulling him away from us.
Put sabotaged circuits firmly in the second category.
After the ice is crushed in the cup, make sure to firmly pack it in the cup.
The silicone seal keeps the piece firmly in place on your face and prevents slipping.
Lenders to the industry are now firmly in the regret phase.
And a politically intrusive army has been firmly returned to its barracks.
Today the economy is firmly back on its feet, but its pace of growth remains disappointing.
Democracy, of a vigorous kind, is now firmly entrenched.
But until all avenues of appeal are exhausted, the precedent will not be firmly set.
Both revolutions are firmly in the category of gradualist, name-not-year revolutions.
He put debt relief for poor countries firmly on its agenda, along with a more open discussion of corruption.
He quarrelled with the state, though he was firmly wedded to it.
Then he arose from his sleep, and he had firmly in his memory all that he sang while asleep.
It is intimately adherent to the superficial fascia, which attaches it firmly to the underlying aponeurosis and muscle.
Pack product firmly and closely, leaving no open spaces, but being careful that product is not jammed or crushed.
Worldly, feeling vaguely uncomfortable and hungry, is firmly determined to go home on the next morning train.
Often in a dream of anxiety one is holding on firmly to some projection from a house.
For all the talk of overturned theories, cosmologists have firmly established the foundations of our field.
Nevertheless, it is important to note that all of the above remains firmly embedded in speculation.
He wrote that when he went he was firmly convinced that what was needed to grow economies was a free market.
Most of the world's starlings have conventional jaws that close firmly.
But because these symptoms are so dramatic, they plant themselves firmly in observers' memories.
Well, the words were certainly chosen with a tongue firmly planted in one cheek.
Some listeners firmly believe that people eat and drink and smoke more when their finances are bleak.
It would be firmly fixed so that no burglar could remove it.
In short, all of science has its naturalistic feet planted firmly in mid air.
Fold all four sides of the dough over the butter in the center and seal the package by pressing the edges together firmly.
Fold in edges over apples, pressing down firmly on corners and sides.
Sprinkle into baking pan, then press down firmly all over with a metal spatula to form an even layer.
Hold the head firmly anchored with the fork while the spoon dips out the savory bread stuffing.
The transmission of such secure information remains firmly stuck at light speed or below, however.
Many houses are built on slabs that firmly rest on pilings.
He stood, and firmly and fluidly held her down for an instant.
Turner's lawyer and accountant were firmly opposed to the idea.
His ministry is firmly committed to making its followers richer, but they have to return the favor.
The former champ picked up a bird and held it firmly in his fists, fondling its feathers.
Dancers must come to her with their technique pretty firmly in place.
With his tongue firmly in his cheek, the ads are actually photographs of ads on shopping bags and in magazines.
National interest and national duty, if elsewhere separated, are firmly united here.
Pressing firmly, push the corn over the large holes, scraping off the kernels and juices.
It cannot be too firmly kept in mind that the present practice is solely for the benefit of the guilty.
It's also firmly tied to the region, unlike the chain stores and chain restaurants around it.
Mink-collared grandmothers are settled in firmly, ready to enjoy the pageant.
The concept of the open society needs to be more firmly grounded.
During turns you hold the controls more firmly, and keep the nose from dropping.
To keep a bistable system firmly in one state or the other, it should be kept away from the transition threshold.
She steps into it with a worried look in her eyes and her mouth firmly set.
It all seemed so certain, so firmly in keeping with a world soon to be darkened by the first oil crisis.
But they are much more firmly rooted than the environmental statutes.
He rubs her arm and her leg firmly, applying deep-muscle pressure, and her dark eyes pop open.
Subjects rated zero keep their hands firmly planted on the chair.
They are a logic whose basis is firmly rooted in the world of how inheritance and behavior play out concretely.
With tongue firmly in his cheek, his stinging sarcasm typically annihilates his target on the first shot.
The problem seems to be that the herbicide-resistance gene wasn't firmly integrated into the genome of the wild radish.
He stood firmly on policy now reject in the face of years of science.
The silk acts as a tether, firmly holding the spider to the pane.
If peyote was harmful, he said firmly, his people would have noticed by now.
Their new results firmly show that monkeys can indeed spot unjust deals and respond with envy and apathy.
Third, the cognitive school is firmly grounded in the lingo of the cognitive revolution.
Tetrapod hips, as a rule, are held firmly to the spine by ligaments and a group of fused ribs called the sacrum.
It's amazing that people who lived in unison with nature for thousands of years are now firmly against it.
The flight data recorders are firmly fastened onto the structure of the plane.
Don't expect their sci-fi plots to be firmly grounded in events that could actually happen.
It was at this time that he made up his mind and committed firmly to the decision.
The next he was plowing through defenders, ball firmly in tow.
They've firmly established themselves as winners this season--a team for the ages.
His moral values-firmly held but not obtruded-are those of decent church-going people anywhere.
Its atmosphere is so strong one may easily forget how firmly it is set in its time and place.
He was granted an audience with the priests but it had to be held elsewhere and his demands were firmly set aside.
So firmly they did not feel the flames when they came up to the eyelashes.
To accomplish this, the subject puts his forehead and temples into a kind of u-shaped iron bar, which grips them firmly.
Contraction on cooling will hold it firmly in place.
When using a stepladder, make sure it is fully opened and both spreaders are firmly locked.
Lie flat on your back on a bench with feet firmly on floor.
Brush the edges lightly with water and fold the dumpling in half to seal firmly.

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