firing pin in a sentence

Example sentences for firing pin

In one prototype, the gun will not unlock its firing pin unless the owner is wearing a special magnetic ring.
The gun had a defective firing pin that left an unmistakable mark on the rim of each shell.
If a firing pin is replaced, redundant markings would transfer the markings to the cartridge.
It was similar in concept to needle-fire but did not require the long and easily damaged firing pin.
One that the manual was inadequate because it failed to warn the user not to let the firing pin rest against a live primer.
The resulting cavity was filled with a hinged breechblock that was fitted with a long firing pin.
Examination of firing pin impressions by scanning electron microscopy.
Manufacturing marks can also be distinguished by the fact that they often extend into a firing pin impression.
The safety is seen as working well and the firing pin clicks each time the trigger is pulled.
If the hole is too deep, the firing pin might not strike the charge.
The action of the trigger or hammer will line up a chamber with the barrel and firing pin.
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