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He practiced firing into a fence and concluded he was a better marksman than he had thought.
But my brother's attention speedily reverted to the distant firing in the south.
Suddenly came the sharp crack of a rifle outside, followed by a scattered burst of firing.
He was in charge of navigating the submarine and firing the explosive weapon.
Winter began snapping pictures, flash attachment firing apace.
One scheme proposes attaching a spacecraft to an asteroid and firing the craft's engines to push the space rock away.
And there was a gunner in the back end of those planes and he was firing at us.
He is standing before a firing squad with a cigar clamped between his teeth and not smiling, exactly, but smirking.
Or lightning storms in the clouds, firing this incredible pink.
My instructions as biopsy guy were to wait for the bang of the tag applicator before firing my crossbow.
While almost all of the cells exhibited the firing pattern, the team can't say whether the firing was synchronized.
But troops from the two countries are increasingly firing at one another.
The quick firing triggers actions within minutes or seconds.
In cases of distress, a pacemaker sends an electrical impulse to select points in the heart to speed up or coordinate the firing.
Electricity controls much of the human body: consider the electrical firing of neurons and the current transmitted by the heart.
Desperate people have tried everything from firing cannons into the sky to lacing clouds with silver iodide.
The persistent firing of photoreceptors makes you see a bright white disk long after the actual flash has gone.
The pattern of neurons firing is then translated into code that a computer can understand.
The majority of the energy consumed by the brain powers the rapid firing of millions of neurons communicating with each other.
My concept of self is an ongoing complex pattern of firing neurons.
These tests consist of firing a dummy missile from a ship or submarine which the test facility then attempts to shoot down.
With eyes closed, superposing simple visual elements on the random visual synaptic firing.
In mountainous regions, too, gazogenes firing wood allowed total autonomy of supply for forestry machines.
Their findings: a synchronous firing of neurons in the neocortex was followed by a diverse set of responses in the hippocampus.
When are you going to offer advice on cleaning coal firing plants and not closing them.
The professor accuses the college of defamation and breach of contract in her firing last year.
The finding moves the university one step closer to firing the controversial professor.
One even tried to hand over a bomb he had reconstructed with parts recovered from the firing range.
Firing a chief executive by phone smacks of hasty, panicky decision-making.
Disputes in a school playground have ended with a parent throwing a grenade or firing a warning shot.
But it is not the first time that firing has been nastier than it need be.
They have been accused of loading companies with debt and firing workers to cut costs.
Firing is such a costly headache that many prefer not to hire in the first place.
Firing their guns in the air, they broke into the house of the local chief, led him out into the open and beheaded him.
And crucial to having better teachers is evaluating them properly, hiring, firing and promoting on merit.
Head teachers have wide discretion in the hiring and firing of teachers and are free to pay by results as they think fit.
Dumped on from above and resented from below, they are often first in the firing line when cuts are made.
What people are worried about is what will happen once the economy starts firing more cylinders.
At present, they can shoot only if their life or that of others is in danger, after firing a warning shot.
So he set about replacing the board and firing executives.
Further failures can result in school closures, state takeovers and the firing of teachers and administrators.
There was no spasmodic firing, there was no firing at nothing.
Unopposed, the pirates rushed aboard, firing guns and tossing primitive grenades.
Marcus tried hailing a taxi in the traditional video-game manner: firing his service revolver twice into the air.
The car exploded after a soldier started firing at it.
The firing had nothing to do with financial mismanagement.
For hours, this went on, chants interrupted by the firing of sporadic rounds of tear gas.
Few people seemed to know who was firing at whom, or why.
As the rats ran, the electrodes monitored the firing of a dozen or so neurons in each rat's brain.
The cultured brain cells kept firing in synchronized bursts that disrupted learning.
The sensors can register neurons firing in the areas of the brain that generate movement commands.
Every bud is sensitive to multiple flavors, which are encoded by different nerve-firing patterns.
The neurons excite some of their neighbours into firing in tandem, while suppressing others into silence.
They can wreck neurons, preventing them from firing normally and eventually killing them.
He noticed that each neuron started firing a little earlier or a little later, depending on which picture he showed.
So, there needs to be a heat source firing up the battery in addition to whatever power source is feeding it electricity.
Corruption is rampant and the central government is only keeping things moving by threat of prison and firing squad.
It's difficult to design rails that can survive a single firing.
Firing everyone on top and bringing in new people, people with proven track records would be even better.
The members of the firing squad never even introduced themselves.
My computer sputters, chokes and begins firing off error messages.
If the detonator is exposed, they may continue firing to dislodge or destroy it.
They would be given the power over admissions, discipline, and the hiring and firing of faculty.
The moment the bomber sped out of firing range, he clambered onto the raft again.
We'd get people firing constantly on the decision-makers.
Sonny claims the firing took place when he was out of town, and that it had nothing to do with a button.
On top of that, the set was adjacent to a nato firing range.

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