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Example sentences for firestorm

And because he was out of the country, the singer was unaware of the firestorm brewing back home over the speech.
In the days since, a media firestorm has ensued over a perceived violation of civil liberties by transit system officials.
Also known as fracking, the practice has touched off a firestorm of concern over groundwater contamination.
No topic sets off a firestorm quicker than free soloing.
Program elimination is always controversial, and when it occurs inevitably results in a firestorm of opposition.
In some small towns, where the college is the only entertainment, there may be a firestorm of angry letters to the newspaper.
It is not too strong to call the other comments a firestorm of criticism.
Anyway, the question of what to do about these things provoked the predictable firestorm and the department was in uproar.
The memo was promptly leaked to the media, igniting a firestorm of debate over whether the ubiquitous devices are dangerous.
Since the water was used against phosphor bombs, the water only intensified the firestorm.
Whatever they might be, they are at the heart of a political firestorm.
The markets had collapsed, the rouble was plunging again, and an inflationary firestorm was looming.
My last post on the ethics of animal agriculture generated a firestorm of commentary.
Having seen the firestorm of protest he ignited, he than adds three times that he didn't make the comparison.
T he string of deaths created a media firestorm which has not yet abated.
The next day came the first real spark of a media firestorm.
The film has already set off a predictable firestorm.
Nevertheless, the virus has sparked a bit of a firestorm in military circles.
Predictably, the move attracted a firestorm of protest, accompanied by boardroom shenanigans that warrant an article of their own.
Put another way, the firestorm has not spared anything.
The harsh treatment has ignited a political and diplomatic firestorm.
It raced up the charts and caused an immediate firestorm.
The book seems certain to kick up a political and diplomatic firestorm.
Here's an update on the political-story-turned-political-firestorm from yesterday.
The real migraine may be a firestorm over gasoline prices.
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