fireproof in a sentence

Example sentences for fireproof

It is fireproof, chemically resistant, and doesn't conduct electricity.
Airtight fireproof bunkers are relatively easy to build and are literally dirt cheap.
But instead of having a walled-in garden, he has fireproof masonry walls throughout the garden.
Reinforced concrete is much tougher than gypsum, but it is not fireproof.
He put on a pair of fireproof gloves and tried to open the door to one of the machine's ovens.
Two firefighters suited up in heavy fireproof turnouts and doused the volatile room in gasoline.
He says an old bachelor lived there, and then one day his home burned, and he rebuilt with concrete so it would be fireproof.
However, it's not clear how much it will cost to make rugged and fireproof nodes.
The perfectionist does not want old buildings made sanitary and fireproof without changing their essential character.
He even put on a fireproof suit and ignited himself, but there was no applause.
The foundry crew don fireproof suits to pour the molten silicon bronze into the molds.
After all, the resort's buildings are fireproof, soundproof monolithic domes made of concrete and reinforced with steel.
There are better ways: online backup services, fireproof safes in another part of the house, safe-deposit boxes.
And dont forget how they know someone so they are fireproof.
Potter proposes to have this building absolutely fireproof inside as well as outside.
Its heavy stone walls were also an early attempt to fireproof a building.
Following these directions will fireproof your tree and help protect your home and family from fire.
Winter weather is cold and wet, but that doesn't mean it's fireproof.
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