firepower in a sentence

Example sentences for firepower

Much of this neural firepower comes to bear in the elaborate daily grind of digestion.
It doesn't take much firepower to destabilize an already fragile society.
In theory, firepower is to be directed only at military strategic targets.
And instead of relying on sheer firepower, it carried few of its own weapons.
There's some serious computational firepower behind that, and you certainly don't want to see it here.
Frank is reportedly looking for more offensive firepower, which isn't exactly shocking.
US firepower can prevent them from taking control too.
Contributions from its members have tripled its firepower.
Firepower is of little use, and often counter-productive, when the enemy deliberately mingles among civilians.
It will soon have the necessary firepower to act credibly both as a lender in a crisis and a provider of insurance against one.
The think-tanks are bigger and pack more intellectual firepower.
And, potentially, it has unlimited firepower since it can pay for any purchases by creating money.
Seafood hot and sour features firm shrimp and plenty of firepower.
But it seemed oddly understated, even wan, given the firepower at hand.
They attacked with overwhelming firepower but little discipline.
When you get that kind of firepower together and you start to explore, good things happen.
Laboratory firepower for infectious disease research.
However, this lighter firepower was augmented with the addition of revolvers and sabers.
Intelligence was important, but overshadowed by the need for sheer firepower.
The use of both selected and full firepower should be reserved for critical conditions where no alternative remains.
They were equally awed by the firepower of the howitzers.
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