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It mixed with smoke and soot from the wood-burning fireplace and ancient kitchen stove, or we'd have frozen.
Splurge on a room with wood-burning fireplace, and bring a swimsuit for the outdoor pool.
Then the gases are ignited, burning much more cleanly than a typical smoky home fireplace.
Guests may request a wood burning fireplace and full kitchen.
The great room has a wood-burning fireplace and a secluded pond is a half-mile hike away.
He liked the little coal-burning fireplace in the sitting room.
The fireplace in the den emitted a sour scent of damp wood ash.
On cold winter evenings a wood fire was lit in the drawing room, where three upholstered benches encircled the fireplace.
There's a big fire burning in the living room fireplace, and a coffeepot and mismatched mugs on the table.
Permits for the installation of wood stoves, pellet stoves or fireplace inserts can only be issued for certified appliances.
Maybe you'll turn on a space heater for extra heat, or use your fireplace or wood stove to warm the room.
The following practical steps will help you obtain the best efficiency from your wood stove or fireplace.
Look no further than your fireplace and, er, your bladder.
Even the best-maintained, immaculately-clean fireplace can cause disaster, but this will be the exception not the rule.
Indoor pollution would be horrible, with heat provided by a poorly ventilated fireplace.
It was an enormous crimson lantern, nearly as big as a fireplace, fixed over a small but heavy iron door.
She followed her father to the fireplace, and they both sat down.
The rifles stand in the corners of the room or rest across the elk antlers which jut out from over the fireplace.
One ad portrayed a well-dressed marksman firing at a target in his living room fireplace while a dog lounged at his feet.
Some good food, a fire in the fireplace and lots of games and activities with the kids.
On the north wall, there is a rough stonework fireplace.
The programmers stayed in stilt-raised cabins and had their general sessions in a large, rustic room with a stone fireplace.
Table-high fireplace is as useful as it is romantic.
Warm-toned fabrics are similar in color to the walls, and green concrete fireplace tiles act as a counterpoint.
Inset stainless steel tiles on the fireplace echo and update the painted brick on the original fireplace.
Inside the lobby, people lounge at the bar and sprawl on enormous couches grouped around a fireplace.
Seven steps connect the deck's three levels to a small ground-level patio with a portable fireplace.
Alongside these balconies are small covered sitting areas with built-in benches and an outdoor fireplace.
Play out by the stone fireplace, and have your pizza and bottle of red served courtside.
If you heat your home with a fireplace, make sure the flue closes tightly and keep it closed when the fireplace is not in use.
Small chunks cut from a fake fireplace log will prolong the burn.
If you have a fireplace, make sure your fireplace is airtight when not in use.
All they found, however, was a large piece of scrap iron that had been used in constructing the fireplace.
It works perfectly as a fire starter for a fireplace or a backyard barbecue, however.
Back in the woods, a fireplace is all that remains of their dwelling.
And on those nights put a fire in the fireplace and enjoy it, knowing that it'll be gone before you can even get sick of it.
Ash from your fireplace or outdoor fire pit can be a useful amendment to your garden.
We convened around the fireplace to warm up and have some coffee.
In the main wing of the manor house, the formal dining room with fireplace boasts an intricately detailed ceiling and wainscoting.
The living and dining areas are visually separated from one another by an island with fireplace and wet bar.
The suite and one-bedroom cottages are all part of a large building, and include a full kitchen and fireplace.
The lodge's dining area opens onto a deck, which sits adjacent to the fireplace.
There is a fully equipped kitchen, a private terrace and a fireplace.
The restaurant features a stone courtyard and two dining halls, including one with a fireplace.
One type sleeps up to eight people and has a fireplace, kitchen, living room and television.
Suites that are designated for couples include a whirlpool tub, private balcony and fireplace.
Guests can relax in the indoor heated pool, the calming hot tub or the hotel's blazing fireplace in the lobby.
The master suite has a heart-shaped tub, a private deck and see-through fireplace.
Guests may request a cabin with a fireplace, a loft bedroom or second bathroom.
Some rooms offer additional amenities such as a fireplace, full kitchen and dining table.
As you can see in the top photo, workers took apart all but the foundation and some of the fireplace.
Every room or suite offers ocean views with a deck or a bay window, as well as your own gas fireplace.
Upgraded rooms and suites offer an in-room whirlpool bathtub and fireplace.
The casual setting includes hardwood floors, keg-mounted walls and a fireplace.
Suites include a either a hot tub or whirlpool tub and fireplace, and have mountain views.
It's so stingy with its internal fireplace that it appears dull red through any small telescope.
Among the exotic varieties are hairy paper, shiny paper, and paper so ethereal it seems to be made of fireplace ash.
They swept it clean, they cleaned out the grain bins and even the fireplace, and they knocked down the walls.
However fireplace smoke and barbecue smoke is worse than cigarette smoke.
We have a woodpecker that likes to occasionally peck on the metal housing of our fireplace chimney.
It contained four rooms, all the same size, the same rug before the fireplace in each.
He walked in and closed the door and rested a gun against the wall near the fireplace.
Her skin was smooth, and the light from the fireplace played tricks with it, all of them charming.
The heating side of this equation is not news to anyone with a clue or who has used a fireplace.
She traced the sporadic noise to the fireplace, but by the time she got over to it the noise had stopped.
My host led me up to the fireplace, to show me a finished specimen of his embroidery.
There is a sofa in the living room, a fireplace with a roaring fire.
Rooms with a fireplace and private entry to the lagoon can be rented for the day.
The family room has a vast stone fireplace made by local craftsmen.
She brought it up in the elevator herself and hung it over the fireplace in his suite.
He had me sit in the large chair facing the fireplace.
O n the third floor of the lodge there is a large, sun-filled sitting room for guests with an enormous stone fireplace.
He stalked through the living room and past the marble fireplace to the bedroom.
We had a ventless propane fireplace put in two to three years ago.
Keep the bottom of your fireplace or charcoal grill from becoming encrusted with soot.
Ensure the fireplace or stove is properly installed.
Pa made chairs and a table from logs and a fireplace of rocks, sticks and mud.
In order to qualify a hydronic heater or fireplace, program partners must follow detailed certification and qualification steps.
If you use your fireplace for heating, be sure the flue is open and operating correctly.
Since a fireplace's normal efficiency is so low, there is considerable room for improvement.
The fireplace should have a dedicated supply of outside air for combustion.
The fire originated in the chimney chase of the zero clearance gas operating fireplace.
Make sure that fireplace screens are in place and in good condition.
Somebody said they're as rigid as a fireplace poker but without the occasional warmth.
Many homeowners would sooner burn coal in their own fireplace than live next to a reactor.

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